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Upright - Posture and Injury Correction, Birmingham


If you are thinking about reaching out to me for help but are concerned about costs, then don't be - I offer a free consultation to all new patients prior to the scheduling of any assessments.

I do this because it's important for both of us to know that I can help you before you start paying for services.

If your free consultation is successful I'll book you in for your Physical Assessment.

The Physical Assessment is a comprehensive appraisal of your present condition and why you're in your current state.

It covers; body structure, bio-mechanics, function, health history and lifestyle to identify not only what has gone wrong but more importantly why it went wrong and how to fix it.

I will also demonstrate the first rib manoeuvre on your body so you can see the immediate changes for yourself. This small part of the full ABC protocol manoeuvre is used to correct the position of the topmost ribs and typically you will notice your shoulders come back, you will breathe easier and your whole body will feel different. 

I will then provide you with a thorough explanation of your current condition and what we need to do to get you back to health.

Physical Assessment: £49

Correction visits: From £28 - £39

Most of my clients choose my Unlimited Correction plan which entitles them to an unlimited number of visits in a month for a flat fee.

Best in health

Lucky Gidda

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