What is the difference between Advanced BioStructural Correction™ – (ABC™) and every other method? What is involved in the recovery process? Read our FAQ to find out all this and more…

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How much does it cost?

The normal cost of a physical assessment is £99. Occasionally we have a special offer so please check our current prices and offers.

The standard treatment price is £45 (for a pay-as-you-go) to £35 per session (if you book a course of care).

If you are interested in the OVERALL cost of your recovery plan that depends on your goal and other factors.
Relief Care
On average, we find that the typical person can achieve significant improvement or relief of their main presenting symptom with 12 ABC corrections.
The exact number of sessions required depends on many factors including the current condition of your body, your age, stress levels, how often you can attend for treatment, and how well you can follow the advice between visits.
Most people will notice an immediate improvement in symptoms and function starting from the very first ABC correction. They will then notice progressive improvements as they work their way through the recovery process.
At the end of each correction visit we want your posture to be naturally upright, with smoother movement and walking, and easier and deep breathing.
Stabilization Care
Although we can often provide rapid relief to many issues the most valuable aspect of ABC Unwinding is to continue treatment beyond the relief phase and work on the overall alignment of your body to gradually improve years of accumulated damage.
On average we can find major improvements to body function and structure over the course of 6 months of Advanced BioStructural Correction care.
This phase of care is suitable for those that are looking for further and longer-lasting improvements to their long-term health and are willing to invest the time and energy needed to achieve fantastic results.
Why Advanced BioStructural Correction?

We have worked with a range of therapists including; chiropractors, physiotherapists,  osteopaths, GPs and consultants. Unfortunately, we found ourselves growing increasingly frustrated, by the lack of real progress, as only symptoms seemed to be treated even though they claimed to be targeting the root cause.

After many years of research and experimentation, we found that the root cause of most physical problems was due to poor body structure and posture. We now use what we believe to be the world’s most sophisticated system called Advanced BioStructural Correction – ABC; that directly targets this major cause of pain and dysfunction.

Our research has shown us that, injuries (and day to day life) can shift the bones in your body, upsetting the perfect balance of the skeleton. This makes your body collapse forwards whilst twisting left or right. Your own muscles cannot move the bones back, so instead, they over-work to stop your body from falling.

This situation creates enormous stress in your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs, resulting in all sorts of symptoms including pain. This situation can go on for days, weeks, months, years, even decades, resulting in ever-more damage and negative change to your body.

By correcting the structure of your body and making you upright again, we are finally able to consistently help our clients overcome their pain and other long term health problems. All this seems common sense when we tell people yet it took us years to learn this information due to the poor level of education everyone receives regarding the mechanics of the body.

We are totally against the current culture of patching up our problems, only to let them worsen until they result in more serious issues.

We have been in that situation ourselves, as have close family members and we know how damaging and frustrating it can be when no one can help you.

So, for that reason we have made it our mission to help you get to the bottom of your problems once and for all; and get you back to your best again.

Unfortunately, the hardest challenge we face every day is trying to convince people that the medical “label” they’ve been given may not be as permanent as they’ve been led to believe…

Or that high strength pain medication is their only option for a “normal” life.

Now we know that you probably feel like you’ve tried everything – but we can assure you that you haven’t!

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ is by far the most effective pain relief and structural correction system we have ever come across. We have successfully treated approximately a thousand clients and hundreds of thousands have benefited worldwide from this incredible discovery.

So if you really want to get to the bottom of your problems, we might just have the answer you’ve been looking for…

Since injuries to body structure can lead to a diverse number of symptoms, we offer a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

Please remember that no one knows everything. Our knowledge of the body is always expanding and technology is constantly improving.  So don’t be afraid to try something new if your current method is failing you.

The latest advances in body structure correction mean that incredible improvements are possible.

What is the underlying cause?

In its simplest form, the underlying problem is a mechanical injury.

A mechanical injury results when a bone misaligns in a way that the body cannot self-correct.

In the spine, this occurs when a bone gets stuck forward. This is known as a primary biomechanical pathology – PBP. This happens because the body does not have a muscle pulling in the direction needed to correct the misalignment.

If you do have a muscle that can self-correct a misalignment, there is no injury unless the bone breaks.

Because the body cannot self-correct the positions of those bones, it must compensate by twisting and turning (literally winding like a spring) and locking up. This takes the stress of the injured area and may lead you to believe that you have healed. You have not, and this injury + compensation pattern creates a complicated situation.

The problem is made worse by subsequent injuries that also compensate and lock up. This creates layers of injury + compensations (one on top of each other), which causes more twists, turns and lock ups until your body is wound up like a spring.

The more layers you accumulate, the stiffer and less functional your body gets. Many of us have hundreds of these layers resulting in unique postures, symptoms, disorders, disabilities and syndromes. All due to the same underlying mechanical problem.

PBPs can occur due to forceful trauma such as physical abuse, falls, sporting injuries, and car accidents.

They can also occur due to remaining in a bad position for long periods of time such as from baby seats and prams, shoes, sofas, laptops, soft mattresses and more.

This is a new discovery in healthcare that has not yet reached the mainstream but with Advanced BioStructural Correction – ABCTM we can correct virtually any body problems that are not caused by cancer, infections, fractures and suchlike.

How do we find the PBPs (Primary Biomechanical Pathologies)?

The testing procedure for each step is a standing balance test called Objective Synchronous Testing.

It involves gently challenging the balance of various parts of your body whilst you are standing, relaxed.

We can then determine which bone is misaligned as pushing on a Primary Biomechanical Pathologies – PBP will make you lose balance.

Objective Synchronous Testing ABC Chiropractic

We only treat misalignments that are the PBPs. It is important to not treat anything else. This is why other forms of treatment can actually make you worse off. 

How does Advanced BioStructural Correction work?

How to fix body structure issues best chiropractor in birmingham alternative

ABC Chiropractic involves the following procedures.

Each treatment follows the same protocol.

  • Meningeal Releases

These are very specific types of stretch that release scar tissue (adhesions) that have built up in your spine and skull since your original injury. Without releasing this scar tissue, your body cannot change shape significantly and unlock bones that have become “stuck”. We are not aware of any other method that deals with these adhesions this way.


  • Bone realignment

We locate each misaligned bone that is part of your problem (a PBP) and use very precise manoeuvres to realign the bone towards its original position. Each manoeuvre immediately improves your posture and any associated symptom(s) and as the bones “lever” back into a better position.

This is the proper way to correct posture as we have found that strengthening your core, holding yourself straight and posture braces do not work and in fact make you worse.

ABC Chiropractic Treatment 2


  • EndoNasal Cranial Correction

We are one of only a few clinics in the world that offers this service. We realign facial and cranial bones by inflating a small balloon through the nostril. This gives immediate improvement to breathing and is especially useful with head injuries, broken noses, jaw pain, concussion, sinus problems, snoring, headaches and many more issues that nothing else will relieve.

Endonasal Cranial Correction Skull 1

Regular repetition of these corrections encourages your body to straighten up, untwist and relax in a process we call unwinding. The more you unwind, the better your body feels and functions.

Does the treatment have side-effects?

During your treatment, every single manoeuvre should make you feel and function better. At the end of each treatment, you should feel upright, bright and alert.

We will notice your colour improving (better circulation), increased stability,  better posture, easier and more fluid movement and more.

We are constantly observing you to make sure there are no adverse responses but occasionally the testing can give us a false-positive result. Mostly we can immediately correct that but rarely it can leave you feeling unwell until the next treatment.

The meningeal releases can be briefly uncomfortable and challenging for some people as it is a big stretch of your spine.

There are normal, cyclical ups and downs as part or your healing and recovery too. You can read more about this in the “unwinding” explanation below.

What is unwinding and how long does it take?

Unwinding is the symptom changing process a body must go through during treatment in order to heal from mechanical injuries.

Unwinding is the process the body follows when it receives the correct treatment, allowing it to begin unlocking and unravelling life-long accumulated injuries and compensation patterns.

After enough unwinding has taken place you will find yourself feeling and able to function better than you have thought possible. The ultimate aim of unwinding is to return your body to a state of maximum skeletal alignment, with all injury-compensations corrected.

Unwinding – Your Path to Recovery

There is an adage that says that anything worth achieving requires effort. An athlete who sets a goal to complete a marathon cannot expect to reach the finish line without proper training. As the athlete trains, there will be times that muscles are sore and an extra push must be made. Sometimes the athlete may feel like quitting. It is tough and difficult, but there is also an understanding that this is necessary to accomplish the goal and reach the finish line.

If your body is misaligned because of mechanical injury, unwinding can help you heal in much the same way that an athlete trains. There will be hills to climb as your body improves and untwists, but you will continue to improve as your care continues.


How to Unwind

Before you start care, you have symptoms and physical restrictions that result from mechanical injury; pain, loss of motion, stiffness, etc. You are usually stuck in a forward position i.e. leaning forwards, twisted and off-balance.

With ABCTM, we start to correct your body’s mechanics by working on the current layer that shows up on testing by;

  • Correcting the positions of out of place bones, that your body cannot self-correct because it has no muscles pulling in the direction(s) needed to reposition those bones.
  • Your body then corrects the things it can self-correct until it runs into the next set of bones it cannot self-correct because it has no muscles pulling in the right direction needed.
  • We then work on that new layer by repeating the above, and so on and so on.

This means that your body structure will still be falling and twisting in various directions as you unwind. You won’t just straighten all the way up in one visit, your posture moves around a lot on the journey depending on the layers still left to correct.

There is a graph below to visualise the unwinding process.

Your body usually starts to improve by untwisting in a backward direction away from the major mechanical stress problem (upward blue line on the graph).

To continue improving, the body partially untwists forwards towards the original forward stuck injury position (downward blue line on the graph). At this point, you may feel pain in an area of your body that was injured in your past.

It hurts because your body has stabilised and recovered from enough damage that it is starting to use that area again. However, that area may not have had any force going through it for years, so it is not used to stress because the body had been protecting it, so those structures will ache and hurt.

This is a good sign that the body is continuing to unlock. You may need extra visits during this time to help you with your symptoms, but it will pass.

This process of going backwards and forwards is known as unwinding and is necessary for your mechanical injuries to heal.

You will probably encounter your first ‘forward unwind’ about a month or two into your recovery. However, they can be unpredictable so work with your practitioner to get through these times.

Unwinding 1

A typical client’s progress

When unwinding backwards (upward slopes), pressure is relieved at the injured sites and the body function improves. In this phase of unwinding, the pain and stiffness decrease as you begin to heal.

When unwinding forward (downward slopes), pressure increases at the injury sites. During this part of unwinding, you may feel sore, painful, anxious, depressed, and fragile because the increased pressure leads you to think you are getting worse – but be assured that you are improving!

Once you pass through the forward unwind stage you will notice that you are functioning better again.


Remember – the process of unwinding backwards and forwards happens many times during the course of your journey. The more layers of injuries and compensations you have, the more unwinding you will need. This is why there are so many ups and downs on the graph.

Typically, those over fifty years of age need almost twice as much time to complete their unwinding journey as those that are younger. Those with very significant or numerous injuries also will require more time to unwind.

The minimum length of time required for an adult is two and a half years.

We do our best to inform you of the likely total length of time your unwinding may take, along with an indication of what your forward unwinding symptoms may be. However, it is very difficult to predict exactly what you will feel as you progress. This is an active process and depends on many factors, including your job, lifestyle, and how well you follow our self-care advice.

Each injury you have received must be released this way or you never get completely better. That is why so many people have injuries that seem to hang around forever.

When you unwind through small injuries, the symptoms will be mild – you may not even notice them. When you unwind through the major injuries, symptoms will be much more noticeable and challenging.

As time passes, your body mechanics become healthy enough to unlock significant past injuries. After going through recovery, your body will work so well, you will have no pain and you will be able to do things you have not done in years.

Starting right from the beginning, many people report fuller and deeper breathing, elimination of chronic aches and pain, more energy and mental clarity, and improvement of chronic illnesses.

What if I don’t go through the unwinding process?

In the same way that having a fever may feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar, unwinding forward is a process that some people don’t want to go through. Please understand; it is a part of the healing process.

If your body never unwinds forwards (the down-slope on the graph), it never unlocks the major injuries, so we cannot correct them. This leaves you constantly in poor mechanical shape. Though you may feel okay, you will never get any better than the point at which you stopped care because your body cannot self–correct the rest of your injuries. Of course, you can choose how far into recovery you wish to go.

If you wish to stop your care before full recovery, you must stop when feeling good, which happens during the backwards portion of the unwinding process. However, your body will slowly continue to unwind and eventually start unwinding forward, an uncomfortable portion of the process. New injuries can also force you into a forward position too. This issue could take weeks, months or years to develop, depending on your mechanical stability.

How often do you need to be treated?

Twice weekly visits will stabilise you at the fastest rate and your presenting symptoms will reduce and eventually cease.

Weekly visits are also effective but the unwinding process then takes 4-10 times longer.

Fewer treatments than this result in unpredictable progress.

If you are an international client or only available for a limited time, we can perform an intensive course of treatment.

Once you attain the level of health you are happy with, one treatment a fortnight will maintain your condition and correct any break-down that builds up between visits.


What happens to you body if you completely stop treatment?

Your body starts to break down again. Think keeping teeth clean / exercise / diet.

It’s a lifestyle change. This is why we recommend continuing a correction once a fortnight to maintain your condition and to correct any break-down that builds up.

What advice will need to be followed?

Our essential advice mainly revolves around helping your body remain in a neutral, balanced position whilst sitting, sleeping and standing. This helps you to remain relaxed and encourages the unwinding process.

We will advise you on the best shoes, seats, mattresses and pillows to achieve this.

We sell seat wedges and adjustable pillows at the clinic and ABC Europe supplies the ABC mattress. We can also adjust and correct your shoes in the clinic if possible.

Read all of our essential advice.

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The Key To Recovery Is Regular ABC Treatment AND Following Simple Advice To Prevent Further Misalignments

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