ABC chiropractic resolves many stubborn symptoms

We are one of a handful of clinics in the world that understands how poor body structure causes bodies to breakdown, fail to function properly and hurt.

We have found that the Advanced BioStructural Correction(ABC chiropractic) method has helped 98% of our patients.

We could help you to recover from a lifetime of accumulated damage in order to thrive once again.

How do we get such amazing results?

Revolutionising healthcare with ABC Chiropractic

Advanced BioStructural Correction

Most people have accumulated many injuries over their lives which misalign bones. These injuries layer upon each other and make your body collapse forward.

These layers of injury can cause very complicated symptoms with bones out of place as the hidden root of the problem.

When corrected, all associated symptoms are no longer present.


"Unwinding" is a process the body follows when it receives the correct treatment, allowing it to begin unlocking and unravelling life-long accumulated injuries and compensation patterns.


After enough unwinding has taken place you will find yourself feeling and able to function better than you have thought possible. The ultimate aim of unwinding is to return your body to a state of maximum skeletal alignment, with all injury-compensations corrected.

This video explains how trauma affects body structure and health

ABC Chiropractic involves the following procedures

  • A

    Meningeal Stretches

    These are very specific types of stretch that release scar tissue that has built up in your spine and skull since your original injury. Without releasing this scar tissue, your body cannot change shape significantly and unlock bones that have become "stuck". We are not aware of any other method that deals with these adhesions this way.

  • B

    Bones Out Of Place

    The main cause of injury and posture problems are;
    "Bones out of place in a direction that there are no muscles that can pull and self-correct them". This problem causes your head and body to fall forwards, making your muscles work hard to hold you upright - causing tightness and pain. We can check the position of each bone in your body and use very precise manoeuvres to align them towards their original position. Each manoeuvre immediately improves a symptom and your posture as the bones "lever" back better. This is the proper way to correct posture as we have found that strengthening your core, holding yourself straight and posture braces do not work.

  • C

    EndoNasal Cranial Correction

    We are one of only a few clinics in the UK that offer this service. We can realign facial and cranial bones by inflating a small balloon through the nostril. This gives immediate improvement to breathing and is especially useful with head injuries, broken noses, jaw pain, concussion, sinus problems, snoring, headaches and many more issues that nothing else will relieve.

  • D


    All of the above is combined with tailored advice to help your body stay stress free and encourage it to unlock and untwist its way back to a normal position. The advice centres around what you sit on, pillows / mattresses and your shoes. Your body is incredibly fine tuned for balance so if you are sitting, sleeping or standing on the wrong surface, it tips your body and causes you to have to keep yourself from falling. This is incredibly stressful if it is happening everyday. We also give advice on how to perform exercises correctly and how your hobbies may be affecting you. You will be surprised how many aches and pains vanish because we taught you how to do things properly.

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Typical Progress After Several Treatments 1

Typical Progress After Several Treatments

Why ABC Chiropractic?


We have worked with a range of therapists including; chiropractors, physiotherapists,  osteopaths, GPs and consultants. Unfortunately, we found ourselves growing increasingly frustrated, by the lack of real progress, as only symptoms seemed to be treated even though they claimed to be targeting the root cause.

After many years of research and experimentation, we found that the root cause of most physical problems was due to poor body structure and posture. We now use what we believe to be the world's most sophisticated system called Advanced BioStructural Correction - ABC; that directly targets this major cause of pain and dysfunction.

Our research has shown us that, injuries (and day to day life) can shift the bones in your body, upsetting the perfect balance of the skeleton. This makes your body collapse forwards whilst twisting left or right. Your own muscles cannot move the bones back, so instead they over-work to stop your body falling.

This situation creates enormous stress in your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs, resulting in all sorts of symptoms including pain. This situation can go on for days, weeks, months, years, even decades, resulting in ever-more damage and negative change to your body.

By correcting the structure of your body and making you upright again, we are finally able to consistently help our clients overcome their pain and other long term health problems. All this seems common sense when we tell people yet it took us years to learn this information due to the poor level of education everyone receives regarding the mechanics of the body.

We are totally against the current culture of patching up our problems, only to let them worsen until they result in more serious issues.

We have been in that situation ourselves, as have close family members and we know how damaging and frustrating it can be when no one can help you.

So, for that reason we have made it our mission to help you get to the bottom of your problems once and for all; and get you back to your best again.

Unfortunately, the hardest challenge we face every day is trying to convince people that the medical "label" they've been given may not be as permanent as they've been led to believe...

Or that high strength pain medication is their only option for a "normal" life.

Now we know that you probably feel like you've tried everything - but we can assure you that you haven't!

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ is by far the most effective pain relief and structural correction system we have ever come across. We have successfully treated approximately a thousand clients and hundreds of thousands have benefited worldwide from this incredible discovery.

So if you really want to get to the bottom of your problems, we might just have the answer you've been looking for...

Since injuries to body structure can lead to a diverse number of symptoms, we offer a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

Please remember that no one knows everything. Our knowledge of the body is always expanding and technology is constantly improving.  So don't be afraid to try something new if your current method is failing you.

The latest advances in body structure correction mean that incredible improvements are possible.

All you need to do to get help is take action by booking your free consultation with us.

We would really love to hear your story.

Best in health

Team Upright

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This is the full version of the video above and explains how bones out of place affect many aspects of your body

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