Niamh McIvor

Niamh is a graduate of McTimmoney Chiropractic and has quickly established herself as a popular and skilled ABC practitioner. 

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Niamh McIvor Chiropractor

I was inspired to become a chiropractor after my first treatment at the age of 12. I injured my coccyx in a makeshift sledge attached to the back of a Land Rover. After a couple of weeks of sitting on cushions and taking painkillers, my mother decided to take me to her chiropractor.

I remember the building and office being stunning, the chiropractor had manicured nails and had just had a baby, and yet she looked so relaxed and confident. To a 12-year-old, that was mind-blowing in itself, but what really struck me was that chiropractic was helping people’s bodies without surgery or medication and that’s what made me think ‘I absolutely want to do that’.

I completed a level 3 diploma in Swedish massage followed by 4 years at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic for my degree. In my Intern year, I realised that there were questions that were not getting answered and it left me feeling that chiropractic lacked consistency.

Fortunately after trying to find a chiropractor who could help with scoliosis for, coincidently, the friend who owned the Land Rover from my coccyx injury, one of my course friends found Upright Body Renewal and sent me the website. My mother then booked a physical assessment after looking through the website and I tagged along. In that 60 minute assessment, more questions were answered by ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) than in all 4 years of chiropractic Uni! I then started attending the ABC seminars and shadowed at the clinic where I got to talk to the patients about their experiences with the treatment and the unwinding process.

What really resonated with me during the early visits, was the welcoming, honest and communal feeling that comes with an open plan clinic. I noticed the chemistry between Lucky, Shreena and the patients, as well as the patients with one another. This was so refreshing to me because my experience of chiropractic clinics had been one of closed-off treatment rooms, with a silent reception area.

I have had much experience with other forms of chiropractic, but have since witnessed how life changing ABC has been for so many people, and I am proud to be a part of this clinic.


Registered Advanced BioStructural Correction Practitioner™

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