Shreena Pattani

Meet our clinic manager, Shreena. She possesses a wealth of experience, attention to detail that is second to none and is the very best at striking up interesting conversations.

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Shreena Pattani

Hi, I am Shreena. Lucky and I are married and we co-own Upright. I am also the clinic manager, receptionist and any other role that needs doing at Upright!

Before I came to work at Upright, I had been an optometrist for 13 years. During my career, I was fortunate enough to have had experience working in several hospital eye units, laser eye surgery, children’s eye clinics, specialist contact lens care, domiciliary care, as well as studying for my Masters, and of course, working in many of the well-known high street opticians’ stores.

I really enjoyed the clinical and technical aspects of my job but I disliked a lot of the bureaucracy and the sales driven nature of the job.

However, by far, my favourite aspect of being an optometrist was meeting my patients. I loved talking to them, finding out about their lives, sharing in their experiences and I cannot tell you how many weird and wonderful things I have learned from my patients over the years – you find out all sorts of interesting things!

Being on the front desk, it has allowed me to be able to focus on my favourite part – the engaging with patients part; without all the red tape of optometry! I love meeting new people and I also love getting to know our regular members. When you share with us, stories of your victories through the ABC treatment, it is wonderful and so fulfilling. From being able to walk up a flight of stairs for the first time in years, to climbing mountains – we love to hear all your victory stories.

We are also here to share the days when our members may not be feeling at their best. The process of fixing people’s bodies with ABC involves periods of “forward unwinding” and this can be an uncomfortable part of the treatment. We all feel such a huge sense of investment in all our members’ journeys, and we want to be there to share the ups and the downs. It really is a team effort.

I have also had the privilege of having some basic ABC training with Jesse Jutkowitz, the founder and inventor of Advanced Biostructural correction – the unique and pioneering technique we use here at Upright. It has given me an insight into how much skill is required to do what Niamh and Lucky do on a daily basis – it’s not as easy as it looks!

In my spare time, I love cooking, baking bread, going for hikes, being by the beach and most of all, I love to learn. I am always reading something or watching/ listening to talks and seminars. So please feel free to share with me any interesting insights and trivia you may have…. as well as your favourite recipes!

Lucky, Niamh, and I look forward to having you be part of our small, close knit Upright family.


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