About us

We like to do things differently! Our philosophy is based on delivering holistic biostructural care in a relaxing environment using a proven treatment and empowering you with practical health advice. 

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Welcome to Our Chiropractic Clinic

We have helped hundreds of people achieve freedom from pain, stiffness, immobility and much more. Our success rates for pain relief is 99% which we believe you will not find anywhere else. You see, our method is based on an understanding of body structure and biomechanics which dictate the shape of your body and it’s relationship with gravity.

If your body structure is poor, gravity becomes an enormous stress on your body.

Poor structure is started by a trauma or injury at any point in your life. The research shows that pain killers, exercise, stretching, injections, surgery, etc don’t correct your body structure in the long term.

However, by correcting your body structure properly, you can attain better posture and balance, minimise pain, stiffness, swelling, organ compression, twisting or tension and you will feel and move freely and without issue; it’s like you have a renewed body.

Meet Us

We are a small but dedicated team! Find out more about us here.

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Shreena Pattani

Shreena is co-owner, manager,  receptionist and assists the chiropractors.  

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Lucky Gidda

Lucky is co-owner, a chiropractor and an Advanced BioStructural Correction practitioner.

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Niamh McIvor

Niamh is a chiropractor and an Advanced BioStructural Correction practitioner.

The Clinic

Our Edgbaston clinic is a place of calm, healing and joy!

As well as being the setting where you will receive your world-class ABC chiropractic treatment; our clinic is a place that you can come and share your journey with us.

Stay around for a friendly chat, perhaps a drink, or simply enjoy the amazing views across the city, before you go.

The clinic is open-plan. This means the reception, waiting area and treatment areas are open, and in the same space. Assessments however are always conducted in private consultation rooms.

Open-plan allows the practitioners to assist each other, observe patients’ movement as they go about the clinic and share interesting advice and conversations.

We don’t believe in putting people into boxes, in any sense!

Upon surveying our patients, all, bar none, said how unique and enjoyable the open-plan clinic is.

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Open Plan

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Assessment Room

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Better Health Is Our Mission

99% success rate in symptom relief

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