Does ABC chiropractic Work? 9 life-changing successes.

Does Advanced BioStructural Correction Work?

I have helped hundreds of clients with my current system of therapy. I thought that today I would share with you, a few of the types of cases I deal with to give you an idea of how diversely your skeleton alignment/posture can affect you. You can see what I think about the question ” Does…

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Does soft tissue therapy, mobilizing and manipulation work?

does chiropractic work?

What I was taught at Chiropractic University, and what most practitioners are focusing on, are all the muscles and joints that are doing much of the work because of your crooked body. This is why they can give pain relief to those areas.  However, they are not targeting the parts of your body that are causing the…

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Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain

The cause of most many cases of frozen shoulder, shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, shoulder weakness and shoulder clicking…. and how to fix it.

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