I recently bumped into a personal trainer who had injured her back that morning. I found out that it was a recurrent injury that occurred every six months; for years. She said, “You can’t help me because what I have can’t be fixed. But it’s okay, using a foam roller keeps it in check.”

Honestly, these types of conversations break my heart because I know that we could get her well again and stop that happening. I have to tell myself that this is their journey and that you cannot force people to accept your help. I hope that when the time is right, she will be in touch.

In the mean time, she had to cancel a week of clients while resting and take harmful painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Even when she feels better, she will constantly be wary of her condition, and six months down the line she will go through it all again.

The reason we give you this example is when you think you know the truth, believe you have tried it all or someone in authority tells you nothing more can be done; you inadvertently create a barrier to your progression. This is true of all of your endeavours not just your health.

The fact is that no one knows it all and we believe that there is always a solution; you just have to keep looking for it and eventually, it will reveal itself.

If you have ever worked towards a goal you will know that you got there with lots of little steps. With perseverance, your hard work paid off.  

Think about any skills you’ve learned, exercise goals, hobbies you’ve mastered, relationships you’ve improved or money you’ve saved. It took time and many small steps.  

So please remember to not give up hope, keep an open mind, keep searching, keep questioning and keep trying new things; that is the path to success.

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