What would you think if we told you, that by improving your posture, we can get many aches and pains to disappear?

Are you impressed? Are you Sceptical?

We can do this because your posture affects everything about you.

Your posture is dictated by the shape of your skeleton (which we call your frame). So, a good posture is not just about sitting up straight, sticking out your chest and pulling your shoulders back.

In fact, it is the opposite.  

If your frame was normal, you would not have to put any effort into your posture. If you find this hard to believe it is probably because you have had a poor posture for so long, that you cannot remember what it felt like to be normal.

When your frame is injured from accidents, knocks and day to day stresses, it actually changes shape. Take a look at the people around you right now and you will see what I mean.

As I said previously, you then have to work harder to stay upright, which creates more stress. At some point, your body will still start to complain from all the effort. The complaint will come in the form of aches, pain, further injuries, stiffness, and a whole load of other symptoms.  

On top of that, out of all the systems you need to stay upright, the most prone to injury is the frame.

What we do differently from others is to focus primarily on correcting the shape of the frame, which has an immediate and direct effect on your posture, reducing stress and symptoms (especially pain) and helping your body to work better on the whole. It also helps the other systems to function better too.

Improvements to your health start from the very first visit, and within a short time, most people can be symptom-free. We are proud to be one of only a few practitioners in the UK that are trained to use this cutting-edge protocol. 

We will tell you more about the typical problems that we can help with in future blogs. Next time, however, we need to share with you more about how your body works, how it can go wrong and how to fix it properly.

Team Upright 

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