Your skull and spine are like a coat of armour. Part of its job is to take the brunt of your knocks and scrapes in order to protect the delicate brain and spinal cord. Your body has a clever mechanism to self-correct injuries to the armour to help it last. 

The mechanism is triggered when a bone in your skull or spine is knocked, pulled or pushed away from its resting position. This happens in your average injury e.g. banging your head, a fall, accident, sporting injury, sitting too long, etc.

These small injuries put tension on your nerves and organs (which is bad news), so they need fixing immediately. To do this, the muscles surrounding the bone will spasm and try to pull the bone back into the correct position.
The combination of damage, swelling and muscle spasm results in much of the pain people suffer with and is why heat, cold, massage, stretching and such like helps you feel better. 

This process happens automatically and immediately, and when it works, the bone is moved back to neutral, the muscles stop their spasm and you will soon recover. 

However, sometimes this fails, and the bone will be stuck out of place, causing tension to your nerves and organ compression. No matter what you do, the muscle contraction will not go away permanently until the bone is corrected. The muscles will eventually shorten in length, develop knots and tears and obviously hurt from the stress. Sometimes, it may hurt and other times you may feel okay, but the problem is always there.

These injuries also make your frame a little crooked, and as more and more bones get stuck, your posture worsens, and the tension on your brain and spinal cord builds up. This type of injury can occur at any age so if it happened when you were very young, you may mistakenly think that you were born like that or it is genetic.

Now you know how injuries to your frame can lead to some immediate and long term problems and you are now a true expert! Many painful complaints are due to the type of injury described above. The method we use can detect and correct these injuries, and with time can completely resolve many of your problems.

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