Having only two legs can be hard work sometimes. The reason is the same as why we produce tripods with three legs and desk with four legs. Two legs are not as stable but do allow you to be more mobile. The pay off is that we can walk, run, swim, climb, crawl, etc. However, that is not a problem if you have an ideal posture as that means you don’t have to work at all to stay upright.  That is correct, there should be zero effort used to stand as the ideal human skeleton is perfectly balanced.

The trouble is, over the course of our lives, as we use our bodies, our posture worsens and we begin to fall forwards (I will explain why in a future blog). This makes your “righting mechanism” kick in which automatically uses your muscles to keep you from falling over. Since we fall forwards, the most effort comes from muscles at the back of our body – neck, lower back, hamstrings, calves and under our feet.

I have found that most common pain, comes from muscles and joints working too hard, because of poor posture. Most injuries that “come out of the blue” are due to this stress building up over time. You will have heard of “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

This near-constant physical stress is a drain on your resources, is tiring and causes potential damage to body systems since you are falling forwards onto your organs and compressing them. The longer this stress continues, the worse you get (even if the pain goes away temporarily). The key to resolving the issue properly, and not only helping eliminate your pain but also tackling the root of many other health problems, is your posture. 

We are one of only a handful of clinics in the UK, who are trained in Advanced BioStructural Correction – ABC, which we have found to be the only type of treatment that can correct posture. Our extensive testing has shown that posture devices/braces, exercises, stretching, massage, movement drills, etc all can change posture, but not correct posture. All these methods do is encourage you to arch yourself straighter rather than return your posture back to ideal. When done properly, the righting mechanism is not needed and your muscles relax all by themselves – no stretches needed. Anyone using these methods for a length of time will know that to be true.

The most important thing you need to know is that we have spent years researching the fastest way to provide pain relief, as well as correct your underlying problem so that it won’t come back. We have compared and worked with dozens of chiropractic methods and techniques, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation methods to find the best way to heal your body. In my opinion, no other method even comes close to offering what ABC can achieve, which is true posture correction. The feeling you get when you get proper correction is a lack of feeling – that is because your body is in neutral, the receptors in your body are also at rest. Therefore, you don’t feel anything. It’s an awesome and odd feeling – especially if you have been suffering from chronic pain and discomfort.

We have found ABC gives incredibly consistent and predictable improvements to your body from the very first treatment. The very first maneuver in fact! Some of you will have already tried lots of different therapies without success and maybe on the verge of giving up. We urge you to carry on reading our blogs because we will be explaining what is actually happening to your body, why no one else has been able to help, and what you can do to really tackle many physical injuries; especially if you are in pain. 

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