What are the best shoes for posture correction?

When your frame is crooked, your feet end up having to work very hard to compensate for the fact that your body is falling forwards and twisting. This increases your risk of developing deformities, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain or rupture, calf muscle strains, knee problems and more.

Your feet are loaded with very sensitive sensors, and the muscles in your feet and legs react in response to this information, giving you absolute control. As your feet work harder due to problems with your frame, they get damaged, lose sensitivity, become painful and deformed. 

Our aim is to get that ability back for you and decrease the deformity. You will then be able to stand, walk and run comfortably and easily, without orthotics, taping or supports.

When it comes to standing with good posture, your footwear plays a huge role. Did you know that humans have not been wearing rubber-soled shoes very long? We are at our best barefoot or with minimal sandal type footwear, so at least when you are at home, we recommend trying this. 

Outside, in a modern, city environment you need shoes; the ground is too hard and cold to go barefoot. However, a shoe with a sole that is either too thick, too stiff or too soft will take away your foot’s ability to feel the ground, maintain balance, propel you and change direction. So, a shoe that mimics a barefoot feeling with a thin, flat, flexible sole is the best. Your toes also need room to splay out when you put weight on it so they should not be tight. In fact tight clothing will also affect you in the same way so avoid tight socks, jeans, skirts, bras, etc.

Your feet and ankles also need to be free to move fully when walking. Not only does this motion propel you forwards but it also helps pump blood back up your legs; hence, why walking is so good for your heart – everything is connected!

The best shoes we have found so far is the Xero Shoes, Vivo Barefoot and Vibram Five Fingers range. In fair weather we have found that a basic sandal is also great. Never wear a shoes where the area beneath your heel has depressed either due to the design or from wear. This really impacts your balance negatively. Rubber sandas are especially vunerable to this.

Check all your footwear (including slippers and house shoes) to make sure that the insole and outer sole is flat. Even a great shoe can deform as it gets old, which can be pushing you off balance, wasting energy and reducing performance, so replace worn soles regularly. Rubber shoes like Crocs are the worst offenders along with memory foam insole like Sketchers use. They may feel nice but, like soft sofas, they are causing you stress and damaging your body.

If you need soft shoes like trainers or Crocs because your feet hurt, it is a sure-fire sign that you need to get your posture corrected. Foot pain and deformity is a massive indicator of injury to your frame. 

Shoes that have a shaped insole to prevent you arches from dropping are also very bad for you. They may artificially lift the arch but all that does is shift the stress to your ankle and knee; eventually causing problems there instead. So pull out any shaped insole like the ones you get in trainers, do not wear orthotics and avoid shoes like Birkenstocks.

If you like wearing heels we have good news. A heel acts like a wedge which takes stress off the whole of your body, reduces muscles tension, takes starin off the Achilles tendon (at the back of your ankle), helps improve your posture and improve breathing. They are usually very helpful if you have lower back pain.

If you are a jogger/runner and have found barefoot trainers tough on your feet and achilles. This is not the shoe’s fault, but it is a sign that your body is crooked, and you are overloading your calf and foot during your gait. Once you get your posture corrected, you can see what all the barefoot fuss is about.

Your body is the ultimate iteration of a biped. We are meant to be on our feet all day without a problem. If your feet hurt or are deformed it is a sign that you need help. Once you are fixed, no matter what your age, you will see just what your body is capable of!

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