Posture Correction – Done Right

Posture Correction at Upright Body Renewal

Most people are used to their bodies collapsing forward and the stress and feeling of heaviness that goes along with it. When you have true posture correction, your body will feel weightless – since it returns to perfect balance. No other method can replicate this feeling and over time muscles and soft tissue relax and become stronger, bone density increases, your breathing improves, balance and mobility also improve, you sleep better and more.

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Pregnancy back pain: What causes it and how to cure it

Below, we will be discussing pregnancy back pain treatment and bonus improvements to your body when using the Advanced BioStructural Correction Protocol™ ABC™. Pregnancy Back Pain and Advanced BioStructural Correction™ We have found that pregnant women benefit greatly from ABC™ treatment at all stages of their pregnancy. We have found that the cause of pregnancy…

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Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder pain

I help a lot of people who exercise; some are casual and others are very serious about their training. In both cases, they want to be pain-free and able to get the most out of their bodies. I am going to talk about the common injuries and problems I see and how they are related…

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