Compression Fracture Treatment at Upright Body Renewal

We have successfully helped many people with our compression fracture treatment. Unfortunately, it seems that compression fractures of the spine cannot be completely reversed and become normal again. However, we can greatly help with pain and disability associated with a compression fracture as well as the posture changes and loss of height that often occur.

Here, Peter tells of his experience of compression fracture treatment at Upright Body Renewal. He suffered a serious injury more than 20 years ago that left him in constant pain.

“I fell on the stairs, so I had fractured my back, T5, and T6, that’s between the shoulder blades. What was happening, I had started to lean to one side, my spine went to an S shape and the pain, I can’t tell you the pain I had, been on tablets for years. The hospital, first of all, didn’t recognize what I’d done.

They did all sorts of things Physiotherapy, hydro-pool and everything else. I went to a chiropractor who took an x-ray, 2 years later he said that’s where the problem is. I had a fracture there that wasn’t recognized. Basically, I saw him for about a year or so and he just basically said that I can’t solve the problem for you, that’s it you’ve got to deal with it.

I’ve been here about 2 and a half years now, and the change is terrific because I’m now upright, my head’s back, I feel a lot better. The pain is a lot better than it was. I still have problems but no way near what I had before.” – Peter.

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We also have many more happy patients that have been able to keep working and maintain a normal life with our treatment. Often we see people that have multiple compression fractures and they still improve greatly.

The compression fracture treatment we use is called Advanced BioStructural Correction and you can learn more about the treatment method we use below.

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You can learn more about primary injuries and compensations in this video. It will also teach you how these lead to many symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Find out more about Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC chiropractic).

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