We have helped hundreds of clients with my current system of therapy. We thought that today we would share with you, a few of the types of cases we deal with to give you an idea of how diversely your skeleton alignment/posture can affect you.¬†You can see what we think about the question ” Does Advanced BioStructural Correction work?”

Does Advanced BioStructural Correction work for hand numbness?

Miss D  was a care worker in her early thirties. She had numbness of both hands for several months and had been told she had carpal tunnel syndrome. She was finding no relief from an NHS physiotherapist. I found that what she actually had was nerve tension in her neck which was pulling on all of the nerves in her arms. This was because of what is nowadays called text neck, where her head was too far forward on her body. 

Does ABC Chiropractic Work? 1

The treatment is to correct the bones around the base of the neck to move the head back to neutral. This automatically reduces the nerve tension. Her numbness was gone in two visits. She needed further work to stabilize her condition but obviously, she was very happy.  

Does Advanced BioStructural Correction work for poor mobility?

Mr. M was a writer in his sixties. He was not in any pain but was concerned that his mobility was getting worse to the point that he had given up gardening and was having trouble dressing. He had fallen from the first floor and knocked himself out when he was a teenager. He was bed-bound for six months. So his body had been trying to cope with this injury for fifty years, leading to lots of arthritis and stiffening of his muscles and joints. 

Does ABC Chiropractic Work? 2

After eight visits, he was putting on his trousers without having to sit down. After fourteen visits he was able to return to gardening and climb stiles when walking. With enough time Mr. M would be able to do much more.

Does Advanced BioStructural Correction work for headaches and back pain?

Miss M was in her late twenties and had suffered from headaches and back pain for many years. She had been run over as a child and had fractured her skull. No doubt the rest of her body would have been injured too. She had been told that she would never exercise. By the time she came to me, she had a very painful muscle spasm that painkillers were not helping. 

Does ABC Chiropractic Work? 3

It took around eight visits to stop the pain and several more to stabilize her. After about two months, she went skiing for the first time and was fine. She is continuing her corrections to keep improving as there is much more she would like to do.  

So does Advanced BioStructural Correction work?

Well, these are just a few examples of the hundreds of people we have helped when all else has failed them; including years of drugs and other therapies. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Does Advanced BioStructural Correction work? Yes, it does! Even if others have failed you and no matter your age or condition; if your problem is due to physical injury, I could help.

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