What I was taught at Chiropractic University, and what most practitioners are focusing on, are all the muscles and joints that are doing much of the work because of your crooked body. This is why they can give pain relief to those areas. 

However, they are not targeting the parts of your body that are causing the crookedness and this is a big deal. 

It means that they are unlikely to be treating the underlying cause. Even if you get given lots of rehabilitation. All you are doing is strengthening a crooked body.  

The reality is that the only way to really work on the underlying problem is to correct the frame/posture. This means that you have to correct the bones that are out of place in a direction that your body cannot self-correct. If that is your goal, the areas of pain will improve too, without the need for any extra therapy.

Chiropractors have a concept of their manipulation ‘holding’ or ‘not holding’. It is not that it doesn’t ‘hold’, it is that your body was made worse by the manipulation so it reverted back to what was more comfortable. 
So at best you go round in circles and at worst your posture worsens as mine did!

I don’t want anything to ‘hold’ with my method. I want your body to actually shift, untwist and realign itself as you progress through the process. My method is like training at the gym. Each visit builds on the last and the more consistent you are, the better the results.

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