I am fascinated by gait (how people move when they walk, run, etc.) Gait issues occur for many reasons; the main one for the average person is that they have accumulated injuries to their body for their entire life. This then changes the shape of their frame/skeleton which then affects how they stand, balance and walk.

The underlying problem is bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct – “BOOP”. This makes not only your spine crooked but also your limbs twist, flex or extend incorrectly due to the BOOPs and compensating you have to do to keep upright and balanced. This means your whole body can be affected by just having one BOOP, creating a gait that is specific to you. Most people have accumulated many layers of BOOPs and compensations over the course of their lives.

Clues that someone has an issue include: 

  • Slow pace of walking or running.
  • Unsteady/ wobbly/ shuffling walk – Badly affected people will have a walking aid like a crutch, stick or frame.
  • Flat or high arches.
  • Feet point in or out – Due to twisting of the leg. 
  • Wide or very narrow stance – Your feet should naturally sit about shoulder-width apart. 
  • Rigid or military gait – If you walk like a robot, the chances are that you have a straight spine. This is still classed as being crooked as you are not the correct shape. A straight spine is still unstable (think of a pencil balanced on its end). 
  • Swaying side to side with each step (penguin walk). 
  • Foot slap (loud noise every time you put your foot down).
  • Short stride length because your soft tissues (e.g. muscles and joints) are tight. 
  • Knees are hyperextended/locked straight.
  • Knees rubbing together. 
  • Arms not swinging fully and evenly. 
  • The sole of the shoe is worn out in a wonky pattern. 
  • Hobbling.
  • Having to look down to see where you are going. 
  • Use your arms to help balance. We use our arms like we would a tail when we are having a hard time staying upright. If you’ve ever been drunk, you will know what we mean. 
  • Foot injuries – Things like Achilles tendinitis/tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, stress fractures, etc..
  • And many more!

As you can see there is a lot to learn from a person’s gait. Funny thing is that improving your posture with Advanced BioStructural Correction will automatically improve your gait. Correcting all the BOOPs will eventually have just about anyone walking normally again.

Using walking aids, orthotics, taping, supports, stretching, strengthening, etc can help you cope but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. You can be doing all that stuff for the rest of your life (and still get worse).

Learn more about BOOP here.

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