Our physical health lies on a scale from being well to being ill. You do not generally wake up one day with Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis or cancer. They build up over time (unknown to you) until you start getting symptoms. 

Symptoms are something negative you realize about your health. The trouble is that the problem has usually been building up long before you notice it. So, by the time you take action, you may be several steps further down the scale. 

Did you know that you may not notice the symptoms of osteoarthritis until decades have passed since the original injury? Often, the longer you wait, the more radical the treatment becomes to be effective. This can cause extra disruption to your life and increases stress. 

To help you to recognize early symptoms of physical decline I have compiled this list of signs. A sign is an observation that a professional can see that you may not have noticed. 

  • Poor balance (ranging from a poor lunge or single-leg exercises to a bit of unsteadiness on your feet) 
  • Odd walk 
  • Struggling with an exercise, activity or movement that you found easy in the past. (Pain or stiffness on overhead reaching is a common sign) 
  • Twinges or catching pain 
  • Repetitive pain in the same area 
  • Change in posture (refer back to my home posture test to measure this) 
  • Poor concentration, brain fog, feeling stressed or moody 
  • Clumsiness (shaking, poor coordination, knocking into or dropping objects) 
  • Having to click your joints often to relieve pain or tension 

You can see that some signs that are commonly thought of as a normal part of aging, are actually a sign of physical damage and can, therefore, be improved with the right approach. 

Contact us if you are experiencing any of the above signs to get your body back into the best condition again.

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