When your skeleton becomes crooked due to bones getting stuck out of place, it tends to fall forward. This is why older people (sometimes young people too) are bent over. 

Something else is also happening at this time. Their bodies are getting tighter and twisting in response. Different parts of their bodies are twisting in different directions so it is not symmetrical. 

Overall, you will twist and be falling either forward and left or, forward and right. This really affects your balance as you then have to try and keep yourself upright!

The direction you fall (left or right) is important as our treatment is based around getting your body to untwist and return to the central position naturally.

We often see new clients struggle to stay still; they either wobble a lot or need to lean on something to balance.

With the ABC method, I will correct the positions of the bones throughout your body so that it naturally becomes balanced again. As you can see, this method is different from anything else you will have ever tried. That is because I am looking beyond your symptoms to the underlying cause, so I tackle the problem from a totally different angle from other practitioners.

Lucky Gidda

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