Why is posture correction important?

When it comes to getting posture correction done right we consider ourselves world leaders and have learned a thing or two by treating hundreds (perhaps thousands) over the years.

At Upright Body Renewal we work our socks off to get your posture upright. The reason is that the state of your posture and how well your body functions overall are intimately related.

In short, the better your posture, the better your body works and the fewer health issues you have. This is true at any age – from birth till death.

Below is an example of what occurs with posture correction done right. It is a journey known as “unwinding”.

The video shows the changes that occur over several months of treatment with someone who has considerable poor posture. Most people are easier to correct!

Posture Correction with the Advanced BioStructural Correction Protocol

Why posture correction has to be done right

Many people are realizing the benefits (both visually and from a health perspective), of better posture and everyone seems to be an expert. You can even buy gadgets, belts and braces that promise to improve your posture too.

Posture Correction Done Right
A few treatments of Advanced BioStructural Correction

What we found when researching what works and what does not, was that the gadgets seemed to give some benefit initially but did not help in the long term. The common ways that professionals were trying to achieve posture correction was mostly with stretches and exercises to build up muscle strength and flexibility and to work on pulling and arching your body straight (bending backward).

On the face of it, this sounds like reasonable advice, except for a very basic fact of anatomy. If you have poor posture, it is not due to too much flexion (bending forward). The cause is slippage of one vertebra (spinal bone) forward on another. Bending backward will never fix this situation so exercising your back straight is not real correction (since you have to hold yourself up for the rest of your life).

What makes us different?

With Advanced BioStructural Correction, we push the vertebra back into alignment which stops your body collapsing forward. Since the bones are stacked correctly, your body will then straighten up all by itself without any effort on your part.

Posture Correction Done Right
Bone can get stuck out of alignment – Making you collapse forward

This is true posture correction.

To have to arch yourself straight for the rest of your life is not a solution. Posture correction done right results in an inherently upright and stable body – no exercises needed!

This may sound odd to some people who have been doing posture exercises but it is basic biomechanics and we see posture improvements 99% of the time with just one treatment.

Posture Correction Done Right

The reason it can take time to completely get someone upright again is that our posture worsens hundreds of times over the course of our whole lives due to normal use, trauma, misuse, sports, hobbies, furniture, our jobs, and many other physical activities. Reversing this does not occur overnight but the results over time with repeated treatments are amazing.

Conclusion – Posture Correction Done Right

Most people are used to their bodies collapsing forward and the stress and feeling of heaviness that goes along with it. When you have posture correction done right, your body will feel weightless – since it returns to perfect balance.

No other method can replicate this feeling and over time muscles and soft tissue relax and become stronger, bone density increases, your breathing improves, balance and mobility also improve, you sleep better and more.

You can find out more about the body renewal process here – Upright Body Renewal.

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