Below, we will be discussing pregnancy back pain treatment and bonus improvements to your body when using the Advanced BioStructural Correction Protocol ABC.

Pregnancy Back Pain and Advanced BioStructural Correction™

Pregnancy Back Pain

We have found that pregnant women benefit greatly from ABC™ treatment at all stages of their pregnancy.

We have found that the cause of pregnancy back pain is due to small (and large) misalignments of the bones that make up your skeleton (especially the weight-bearing bones). These misalignments cannot be corrected by your own muscles and they result in your body collapsing forward. This collapsing puts stress on several areas of your body and commonly results in the type of pregnancy back pain that many women suffer with. The reason for the pain is stress on the joints and also the overworking of muscles which have to work very hard to hold your body up against gravity.

As we correct these misalignments, your body immediately straightens up and stays upright without effort – reducing the pregnancy back pain. This is different from what chiropractors and other professionals are doing. They generally aim to loosen up the joints with manipulations and give you exercises to make you get better at holding up your own body. This is the wrong approach and does not correct the underlying problem – which is the fact that your body is collapsing under gravity.

So when you are treated with the ABC protocol your posture immediately improves and reduces stress throughout your entire body. No exercises, stretches, or massage are required, making it very comfortable and safe for both mum and baby.

This is so true that women thinking of getting pregnant should be sure to be treated with ABC™ beforehand to help create a comfortable environment for the baby and reducing the physical stress for mum.

An example of what one ABC™ correction treatment can do.

Pregnancy back pain – The bonus benefits (short story):

Pregnant women immediately notice a great improvement in their bodies and their comfort because the body straightens and is not stuck and collapsed forward. Most women immediately notice less pain, more mobility, and feeling like there is much more room for the baby to grow and for her to eat food and breathe.

However, those are just surface things that are easily noticeable.

Besides those things, proper alignment of the body allows for much more efficient carrying of the baby in its proper place. AND, when it comes time for delivery, women getting treated with ABC™ have reported quick and easy deliveries. Many of them talk about being quite surprised with their first delivery, as they had been told it was going to be long and difficult. Then, because they were treated with ABC™ and there was plenty of room for the baby and their bodies were more properly aligned, they talk about having the first signs of labour and the baby suddenly comes squirting out. 🙂

Edit: Just yesterday, I was talking to a patient of ours who gave birth a couple of weeks ago. 49 minutes after her water broke, her baby son had been born. We have also had babies born so quickly and easily that dad did the delivery – amazing! – Lucky Gidda ( ABC™ Practitioner).

Women who are pregnant with their second or third and got ABC™ but did not have it for their first are similarly astonished and regretful that the did not get treated for their first.

Those are benefits people notice on the surface. They are important but even more important are the less noticeable changes and the not-noticeable changes.

Pregnancy back pain can now be a thing of the past with the Advanced BioStructructural Correction treatment.

The details behind that short story:

Breathing Improvements during pregnancy

First, let’s examine improved breathing in more detail. This is noticeable immediately, if the person compares their ability to breathe immediately before and after treatment. The importance of getting more oxygen into the blood for the person and the baby is not appreciated by most non-professionals. The increase in breathing capacity is often not appreciated much because this is something that people quickly get used to having as their new normal, and only notice if they do something to get their body stuck forward again. However, it is a huge factor in lasting improved health.

Pregnancy Back Pain and Breathing

This increase is not just a good feeling. It has been measured with spirometers that have shown large ranges of improvement. From an 8% improvement in air volume (which is considered large) in people who were not so collapsed forward at the chest area to about 20% improvement in people who were quite collapsed forward in the chest. (That 20% improvement is considered astonishing to impossible by many, though ABC™ practitioners regularly get these improvements with the people they treat). This improvement is so great that people with COPD who need to be on oxygen are most often off the oxygen and able to walk a kilometer within 6 or so treatments over the course of a couple of weeks.

It turns out that in pregnant women, as well as in those with COPD, the problem is not so much related to heart function or lung function but rather to chest shape and mechanical function of the chest. With the person collapsed forward, not only is the chest compressed but the muscles cannot move the ribs, so breathing is impaired.

This not only reduces the volume of the air that can get into and out of the lungs, but it also reduces the amount of fluid pumped through the lungs as part of the movement of the chest. By fluid not only blood is meant but also other essential fluids, as well as mucus. Therefore, there is less air flowing and that air cannot get to the parts of the lungs that transfer the oxygen to the blood because of the accumulated mucus filling the little air sacs wherein the blood is supposed to contact the air and pick up the oxygen.

Starting with the first ABC™ treatment, the body pops more upright and the chest expands. Now the muscles can do their jobs moving the ribs. These movements pump fluids in the lungs as well as increasing the airflow. The increased airflow not only brings in more oxygen to exchange to the blood but the airflow moves the mucus out of the sacs. These factors are the things that cause very great improvements in lung function as well as breathing capacity in very short times.

The reason for the increase in breathing capacity is that the body is no longer stuck forward compressing the chest, so it can mechanically work properly. It turns out even the chemistry of the body depends upon the proper mechanical working of the body and so the largest factor is proper alignment of the skeleton. Proper alignment of the bones will not eliminate cancer and will not kill an infection like antibiotics will, so they have their place. However, proper alignment of the bones is a very important factor in correct body function – much more than is normally appreciated. This also is the reason for improved blood flow as noted below.

Circulation Improvements during pregnancy

Next, let’s take a look in more detail at blood flow. Besides all that I mentioned above, the collapse of the chest reduces the amount of blood that can get into the heart – there is just no room for the heart to expand. Therefore, the heart cannot pump much blood even though it is not impaired in any other way. Of course, with the compression of the heart, its internal blood flow is reduced and so it does not get enough oxygen to be able to work properly – just as any other muscle that does not get oxygen cannot work well.

Pregnancy Back Pain and Blood Flow

Blood flow improvement is not so noticeable by the person treated unless they notice the flush of their face immediately after treatment. However, measurements with blood flow meters show the same increase in blood volume by percentage as with breathing. Also, as with breathing, people quickly become used to the feeling of improvement. The mechanism of the increased blood flow is not so much improvement in the heart itself that causes it to work better but is more because the chest is no longer compressed preventing the heart from filling. Therefore, the amount of blood pumped increases immediately.

It is actually more than that though. When the chest is collapsed it not only stops the heart from filling (and lungs as noted above) it also stops the blood vessels in the heart itself from being able to move blood to the muscles of the heart reducing the oxygenation of the heart. This reduces the ability of the heart to pump as well as reducing the volume of blood that can get into the heart and allowing those blood vessels to clog with fatty deposits and the like. Same mechanism as noted above for the lungs – reduced flow prevents the clearing of junk in the blood vessels… pardon the omission of the medical terms for that junk.

Reduced abdomen compression during pregnancy

With the body collapsed and stuck forward, the entire abdomen is compressed. It has bad effects because it can compress the baby as well, possibly causing many problems. Compressing the blood vessels that are supposed to be supplying the baby, reduces that supply. Compressing the digestive organs prevents proper digestion of food and proper elimination leaving those toxins in the woman’s system to adversely affect the baby.

As already mentioned above, with ABC™ treatment done, there is more room for the organs to function properly and there is also quite a bit of increase in blood flow and oxygen in the body overall and specifically to the baby.

There are other benefits that some women have reported such as faster recoveries, less tendency to have depression or other ill effects after the baby was delivered.

In short, ABC™ gets one’s body working properly and virtually all the difficulties women have experienced with pregnancy (not related to broken bones, cancer, diabetes, infections and the like) just seemed to disappear.

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz Feb 23, 2018 Issue 2

Are you suffering from pregnancy back pain? Perhaps you have noticed difficulty breathing or eating? We sometimes also notice numbness in the hands in these cases. These are common signs that we could help with ABC™. Pregnancy back pain is treatable safely and quickly and, will give you many other simultaneous health benefits.

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