We help a lot of people who exercise; some are casual, and others are very serious about their training. In both cases they want to be pain free and able to get the most out of their bodies. In the next few blogs we are going to talk about the common injuries and problems we see and how they are related to posture (which means they can all be fixed)!

Today we’re talking about shoulders – Pinching pain when lifting overhead, rotator cuff pain/tightness, sudden fatigue during lifting, frozen shoulder, bursitis, catching, clicking, grinding, asymmetry, pain or weakness down the arms, and many others.

The problem with all these issues stems from rounding of the shoulders and the shape of the spine. 

If the upper/mid part of your spine gets damaged and crooked (either twisted, too rounded, flat or even stuck in a reverse curve), the shoulders develop problems. This is because the neck, shoulder and upper spine work as a unit. (In fact the whole of the skeleton works as a single-synchronised unit.)

Most people work on this issue by strengthening, stretching, massaging, foam rolling, taping, etc. This does not fix the problem. In fact, foam rolling on your spine makes it worse in the long run as it makes the spine more crooked!

The position of your shoulders is mostly linked to the position of your top two ribs. What we do is reset the first ribs and your shoulders immediately move back towards their neutral position. They stay there with no effort from you. We also correct any bones in the spine that are causing the crookedness. This ultimately improves your posture and massively improves shoulder motion and comfort – allowing you to relax and get full range of motion without compensating elsewhere.

Another great benefit of this is that your nerves work better, increasing strength and feedback. It also reduces compression on the chest cavity (where your heart and lungs sit). This is because your head, arms and upper chest fall forwards onto the mid and lower chest less. Your active muscle involvement in breathing reduces; improving your cardiovascular ability. Pulling your shoulders back all the time (scapular setting) affects your breathing so our way means you no longer need to do that – your shoulders just sit properly without effort.

All this without any exercises, stretching, painful massage, taping, needles, surgery, and so on.

Remember that posture is passive so if you are having set your shoulders (i.e. actively pull them back), you are wasting energy, changing the normal movement pattern, reducing spinal mobility and not addressing the cause. When we start working with these clients, most will notice an immediate and significant difference in their shoulder position and mobility from the first correction.

As we continue through the programme, they can return very quickly to exercises they have been avoiding and make serious gains now that their body functions more like it should.

We are the chiropractor Birmingham alternative you have been looking for. Get in touch with us today to see how we could transform your life too.

Advanced BioStructural Correction Birmingham.

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