Posture Test – Introduction

Try this simple posture test. Stand in front of a full-length mirror then breathe in, breathe out, relax and let your body slump. This is to see the real shape of your frame when your muscles relax. You can get someone to take a photo using your phone if you do not have a full-length mirror.

Posture Test – Front View

If you have good posture, your head should stay level, both sides of your body should be even and you should not collapse forward or backwards at any point in your body. Remember to slumping and letting go.

Simple posture test 1 - Front view

Common things we spot are head dropped down, uneven shoulders, knuckles turned forwards, head cocked to one side, feet together or wider than shoulder-width, feet turned in/out or flat. 
These are signs that your posture is crooked. 
Now get closer to the mirror and take a look at your face. Are both sides symmetrical? Some of the things we look for are the shape of your head, the symmetry of the eyes, ears, nose, and wrinkles, or any crowding of the teeth. These are further signs that your frame is damaged.

Posture Test – Side View

For the next test, you will need a friend. Get them to take a full length, side view photo using your phone. Remember to breathe in, breathe out, relax and let your body slouch. 

There should be a straight, vertical line through your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and ear. All this should happen with no effort.

Simple posture test - Side view 1

Common issues we find are that the head drops down or the chin pokes out, shoulders are forward, the middle part of your back is rounded or there is a hump, or your lower back curves in too much and makes your belly stick out. The beltline of your trousers should be horizontal.  Often it is tilting forwards which causes
your knees to lock straight, meaning that their hamstrings and calf muscles will be tight.
The client in these examples has a significantly poor posture but it got much better with her first round of corrections.

Another cool test is to sit on your favourite seat and do the same thing. You should remain upright even when relaxed i.e. no backrest needed and not using your muscles to sit straight. The combination of most seats being badly designed and your crooked frame means that 99% of you will not stay up without effort. If you sit a lot during the day, this causes lots of problems. Your organs become compressed and your muscles become overactive, tight and sore.  

Can you see how hard you have been working just to stay upright? No wonder your body hurts!

Posture problems are often linked to your physical symptoms such as pain, stiffness, tiredness, numbness, tingling, weakness, swelling, etc and usually, these problems can be improved with the right approach!

The good news is that we can use a unique method to correct your posture without exercise. This is true posture correction whereby your body will stay more upright all by itself as it should do. This method is called Advanced BioStructural Correction. Get in touch for your free consultation to find out how you could benefit from this amazing discovery.

Simple posture test - Treatment progression 1
Advanced BioStructurtal Correction in action – Ray is relaxed in all the photos

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