Advanced BioStructural Correction – The worst thing for your posture

Apart from treatment, the most important thing you can do is change what you are sitting, standing and sleeping on. This will offset the stress of gravity on your frame and will help you over the course of the entire day. Lets do another self-test so you can see what I mean. You’ll need a large…

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Advanced BioStructural Correction – Spine Mobility

Today, we are going to get you to try a simple test to see the result of injuries to your own frame. You will need to take your top off for this one. Get a buddy to stand behind you and take one photo of you reaching down to the left and another to the right without…

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Great news for pain relief!

So before I give you the news it is tradition to give you the bad news first.We have found that no exercise, drug, medication, equipment or gizmo can correctly improve your posture. Because of our own pain, we spent years researching many different therapies, and despite helping briefly, none of them really worked in the…

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