The problem with Chiropractors and Osteopaths… (Part 1)

I became a chiropractor because I was getting a lot of back pain in my twenties, and chiropractic was the only therapy that helped me get comfortable. At the time, I thought it was miraculous, as no one had been able to help me with any of my physical problems for many years. By becoming a chiropractor, I thought that I would also be able to help others that had suffered like me. I was really smug about having found a useful, practical profession!

It took me several years, but I realised I was still slowly deteriorating, despite working hard to maintain my health and having ongoing chiropractic care. I told myself “Not to worry. I just need to work harder and be more consistent with my exercises, treatment and nutrition.”

The standard model of care that I was taught was basically to loosen up the areas of the body that are stiff/tight and strengthen the areas that are weak. Sounds like a good thing to do right? Well, why was it that no matter how hard I trained a certain muscle, it would still fail? Why would the same area keep getting tight? Why did I need to work so hard just to function normally? What was the difference between me and others my age that seemed fine? These questions bugged me all the time.

I still was not satisfied with the results I was getting for myself or my patients, so over several years, I did hundreds of hours of research on all sorts of health topics, on top of my chiropractic education and CPD. I knew that I must be missing something important; I could not accept that this was as good as it gets.

I used myself as a guinea pig to test many different treatments. A lot of this seemed to help me but in the long term, I was still getting worse!

Being a member of many professional groups and forums, I would ask how others were getting on in the profession; maybe it was just me?

During seminars and meetings, I would question my fellow practitioners on what techniques they used, which tests were useful, which protocols they used, successes, failures, etc.

After nine years I was still dissatisfied that I could not fix myself or my patients to my expectations. I was getting plenty of people out of pain, but they were not getting back to what I considered full function.

I started to wonder if my profession was not as awesome as I had first thought. In my mind, either we can fix people or we cannot.

As I continued searching for an answer, I came across a protocol called Advanced Biostructural Correction – ABCTM. As soon as I read the basic premise I knew I had hit on something promising. The more I learned, the more everything fell into place.

In maths and physics, the best theories are often very simple and the basic theory of ABCTM is this:

  • Many physical injuries that you experience, cause bones to be pushed slightly out of place.
  • Your body can use many of its 600+ muscles to pull some but not all of these displaced bones back into alignment.
  • Therefore our bodies have only a partially self-correcting mechanism.
  • To get a damaged body healthy and working properly again you correct only the bones the body cannot self-correct, letting the body do the rest.

“The injury at the root of many your problems is a bone out of place in a direction that there are no muscles or combination of muscles to self–correct. “

Pretty simple theory right? In practice, the situation can get very complicated, because you may have dozens or even hundreds of these injuries at different times in your life, and because you cannot self-correct them, they accumulate. This leads to different symptoms as time passes but ultimately your condition worsens.

I have practised this way since 2014 and I have found it to be extremely consistent and comprehensive in its theory, methodology and outcomes. I only use this method now and I have found that this community of forward thinkers is more in tune with my way of thinking, hence why I left the chiropractic profession.

Psychologists have known for a long time that past traumas can affect us today. Well, it seems as though the same is true for the body too.

I hope that this gives you an insight into the challenges facing many therapists working today and why I left the chiropractic profession.

Next time I will tell you more about what I have learned from the last several years of research.

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