The problem with Chiropractors and Osteopaths… (Part 2)

In my last article I told you about the disconnect between what I recently found and how I used to practise.

In my opinion, physical injuries are a biomechanical problem so you need someone who thinks like an engineer or mechanic as well as having a biological understanding. Due to what I have learned during my journey so far I have radically changed the way I diagnose and practice in my clinic.

Nowadays, I pay meticulously close attention to your injury history, right back to childbirth, as that seems to be the key to understanding your current situation. When I dig around a little, it becomes apparent to both of us that, you have actually been having problems for a very long time. It’s just that you never considered that they were all related to the same underlying issues.

The other thing which depresses me still to this day, is that it seems likely that the key direction that you cannot self-correct in your spine, are bones that have been pushed forwards. I was taught to manipulate bones into this very direction in the past.

It may have contributed to my body getting worse even though I was working so hard on my health. The treatments I was having were getting me out of pain, but biomechanically, they were not very helpful.

Nowadays, I only push bones in the opposite direction – backwards never ever forwards. This works extremely well for me and my patients. I have found that not only can you get pain relief but the biomechanics, posture and function of the body also improve. I work on any and every bone in your body that needs correcting, including the facial and cranial bones. I test my clients from head to toe every visit and I make sure I correct every bone that needs it.

The difference between one person and another is which of their bones are affected, in which order did it happen and how long ago. These three variables are enough to produce many different complaints. When a client presents with several symptoms and lots of complaints, I can break their injury history down chronologically and it always makes perfect sense.

I used to wonder how I could have missed something so obvious. The reason is that if you have been educated to think in a certain way, it becomes very difficult to think outside of the box. The answers are right in front of your face but you are oblivious to them.

I cannot tell you how easy it is to understand and explain complaints when you get the underlying theory right. It is a joy to go to work now and I am constantly on the lookout for tougher and tougher cases to challenge the model. Both I and my ABC colleagues have not been able to “break the model” yet; so far it is a very robust theory and the protocol is very safe. In my book that is an incredible achievement.

Testing myself, I also learned that excessive nerve tension meant that my nerve signals were not getting through to my muscles correctly. Despite their size from all my training, many of my muscles were weak, especially if I bent forward as this increased the tension. Now I knew why I had always hurt myself when bending. Almost all of my symptoms could be explained with a simple theory.

I do not want others to suffer like myself and my family members; trying therapy after therapy yet still getting worse as the years pass. I will not believe that once we get hurt there is no way to help ourselves and we just have to make do.

I do not think that physical injury is a disease; it seems to me, a biomechanical issue.

Medical students get even less education on biomechanics and yet GPs are the people that have to deal with the most number of patients with physical injuries. This seems awfully unfair on them in my opinion.

Fortunately for me, my grounding in lots of physics and maths meant that when someone presented a biomechanical model of injury to me instead of a disease model, it made instant sense.

An issue we face is that healthcare is it becoming more and more specialised to the point that few people understand the whole body. If you don’t understand how everything interacts with each other and is intimately linked, it can make it difficult to make sense of the whole person.

I make it a point to continue to educate myself on the physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and social aspect of being human so I can better understand the “whole”.

What I have learned doesn’t mean that I will stop searching. That is the beauty of science; there are always improvements to be made to everything in life and as a scientist I am not the sort of person that gets complacent. I want the best results for myself and my clients.

I hope this helps shed some light on why perhaps no one has been able to help you so far. If something you have read in this article resonates with you and you are local to the Birmingham area, I may be able to help you get to the root of your problem. Please click on the link to tell me your story and book in your free telephone consultation with me.

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