Pregnancy back pain

We have found that the cause of pregnancy back pain is due to small and large misalignments of the bone that make up your skeleton (especially the weight-bearing bones).

These misalignments cannot be corrected by your own muscles and they result in your body collapsing forward and putting stress on the lower back which has to work very hard to hold you up.

As we correct these misalignments, your body immediately straightens up and stays upright without effort.

This is different from what chiropractors and other professionals are doing. They generally aim to loosen up the joints with manipulations and give you exercises to make you get better at holding up your own body.

This is the wrong approach and does not correct the underlying problem – which is the fact that your body is collapsing under gravity.

So when you are treated with the ABC protocol your posture immediately improves and reduces stress throughout your entire body. No exercises, stretches, or massage are required, making it very comfortable and safe for both mum and baby.

This is so true that women thinking of getting pregnant should be sure to be treated with ABC™.

An example of what one correction can do

We have found that pregnant women benefit greatly from ABC™ treatment at all stages of their pregnancy.

Of course, we also treat babies too. They can benefit because the birth process for some babies is physically traumatic, especially if the birth was assisted or caesarian. If you notice that your baby is not developing correctly, suffers from feeding or sleeping problems, please get in touch.

We often help colicky babies and have even helped toddlers to walk when they had not even been able to sit up of crawl properly. Misalignments of the skeleton can cause big problems for our little ones.

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