The ABC Adjustable Pillow

ABC Adjustable Pillow

Using the ABC Adjustable Pillow

ABC Adjustable Pillow

The ABC Adjustable Pillow is designed to allow you to align your head and neck with your spine.

FACT: Contrary to what it shows in advertisements and instructions for other pillows, this is rarely a straight line!

ABC™ practitioners seem to be the only ones who realize that your head and neck need to be aligned with YOUR spine, not some ideal version of what someone thinks your spine should be like. As a result, your pillow might need to be quite a bit higher than you think, or quite a bit lower — see the explanation directly below.

For human bodies, the best sleeping position is on the side with the head and neck aligned with the rest of the spine. Therefore, if you have a twist to your spine the neck and head need to be aligned with that twist. The good thing is you need not measure it or even know about it to get your body aligned.

You do need a VERY VERY firm bed.  See our ABC™ Essentials mattresses for the firmest yet most comfortable, highest quality and most reasonably priced mattresses.   If you think you cannot sleep on a very, very firm bed,  you either need to recheck with your head in the correct position (that is what the pillow is for) – it makes all the difference in the world. Or, you need to get treated with Advanced BioStructural Correction™, so your body actually works and then recheck with your head in the correct position.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable a firm surface can be when these factors are handled.

Given a firm bed and a pillow that is the correct height, your entire body will relax, eyes will close and you will be asleep in less than a minute. Not only that, you will likely wake in the same position and be wide awake almost immediately.  NO KIDDING!!  You really will probably not move all night — no matter what you have been told by everyone else — and, you really will awaken without noticing your body.

Keep in mind that the important thing is to experiment and find out for yourself so you know it is true for you.  Like with everything else in ABC™, you don’t have to believe what we say in these instructions. You need to physically do the testing to determine

a) if you have the correct pillow height and,

b) if all these things that go with having a good bed and correct pillow height are true.


First, you need a bed with a firm mattress.

Next, the pillow. If you don’t have one yet please ask your local ABC™ practitioner.

Read to the point where it says “start testing!” before you start testing.

To know the difference between too high and too low, you have to physically test it and notice the difference. You will be sleeping on your side so test in that position.

Therefore, start low, way low. Use one of the 1-inch sections and note how that feels.  Close your eyes. Then, let your entire body relax including your eyes. Because that will be too low, your eyes will open when you relax.  The reason is that the twist of not being properly aligned will pull on your eyelids and they will open.

If you eyes just flutter, well, that is your eyes trying to open while you try to keep them shut. You must not be holding them shut very much or they would not flutter but when you feel them opening many people tend to try to keep them shut and so they flutter.

This is a key point. When your pillow height is just right your eyes will stay closed. As a matter of fact (yes, a real fact), when your pillow height is just right if you lay there trying to read, your eyes will keep trying to close even if you are wide awake. That is because with the bed stiff and the pillow just the right height your body is held in alignment and every muscle relaxes, including your eye muscles.

Okay. That is what too low feels like.

Now, put all the layers down and lay on that. Unless you are very tall, that will feel quite different and still not be right. Do the same procedure, closing your eyes and then letting your entire body relax, including your eyes. Again, if the pillow is not just right they will open or flutter.

Now you know the difference in feeling between too low and too high.

Okay, now that you understand that, try just the large section. If it is too low it will feel similar to the other too low. Then shut your eyes and relax your body. If the pillow is not just right your eyes will pop open when you shut them and then relax your entire body.

If the large section is too high (which happens) you will have the distinctly different too high feeling and your eyes will also pop open.

ABC Adjustable Pillow

Start testing! 

Test those three (too high, too low and just the large section) right now and then return to these instructions.

If the large section was not too high you want to raise it up section by section until it is.

You are not going for just right at this point. You are going for too high.

So, using the 1-inch sections add one at a time until it is distinctly too high.

When you have distinctly too high you want to lower it to the distinctly too low point and raise it up using smaller pieces until it is distinctly to high again.  Then lower it to distinctly too low until the layers you are using are very small.

When you have it just right you will not feel comfortable. You just will not be able to tell if too high or too low AND, YOUR EYES WILL STAY SHUT when you relax.  Not even a flutter.

That is your correct pillow height.

The rules are, if you awaken at night and cannot get back to sleep — the pillow is too high and you need to lower it a small layer.  It is a small layer because if it was a large layer you would not have fallen asleep to begin with — pillow too high.  If you awaken with a stiff neck or headache — pillow too high. Remove a small layer.

If you awaken rolled on your belly, pillow too low. Raise it a small layer.

If you cannot get it right on your bed, odds are the bed is too soft.  Try it on the floor and it will work better, though an uncarpeted floor is usually too hard to make the SMALL accommodations needed for your body, so you will not last the night on it.  Try a thin pad (camping pads work well) or thick blanket on the floor with the pillow just right.  These will give you an idea of what will get your body to relax and get the support it needs although this will not feel that same as a very, very firm mattress.

If that works, visit to order an ABC mattress. We sell mattresses that are not available in mattress stores and yet are very comfortable.  We will get you one that is firm enough yet yields just enough to accommodate the small curves in your body.  People are almost always astonished when they get the mattresses that everything I said above happens.

They get the pillow just right. They lay down, are asleep in seconds (not even minutes) and awaken with no thought about their bodies at all.

Let us know how you do with it.   Oh, as always, if you have any difficulty, ask your certified ABC™ practitioner.

Oh, once they realize that their bodies really do not move at night because the pillow is just right, some people cut the pillow in half and use one half at home and the other for travel.

Sincerely (not just a salutation),

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz


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