This one is simple. When your skeleton/frame is crooked, your head, shoulders and pelvis tip forward. You are then off balance so the muscles at the back of your body (from your head to your feet) work harder to hold you up. To stop any other muscles interfering with this, your nervous system automatically switches off many of the muscles in the front of your body; especially your abdominal muscles. No matter how hard you train, you will never get full activation of them until your posture is corrected and you stop falling forwards.

For the average person, this means that you may struggle to turn in your bed or stand up from a chair. For the athletes, this means an unstable core and poor performance.

Most people also have forward tilting of their pelvis as well (which makes your belly stick out). The culprit here is usually (but not always) your L5 bone at the base of your spine.  Resetting this bone brings immediate improvement to abdominal activation and appearance. 

As part of our free consultation, we often demonstrate the ABCTM method by correcting the position of the top couple of ribs. This brings a person’s shoulders back so that they are less rounded. Often their pelvis simultaneously tilts less too. The improvements in strength and mobility are immediate. Needless to say, people are usually very pleased with this.

This also disproves the notion that you have to stretch tight hip flexors and hamstrings, or strengthen glutes and abs to correct pelvic tilt. In fact, you cannot correct pelvic tilt unless you correct the alignment of the skeleton. You can cheat and hold your pelvis level, but that is silly. Do you want to spend the rest of your life tucking in your bum whilst the underlying problem continues to worsen, or do you want to get fixed?!

Without correcting the structure, your abdominal muscles will never perform at their best and since they are a part of your core stabilisers, every exercise and movement you do is affected. 

If you are tensing your core and pulling in your belly all day, you may superficially look better. However, the offending bones are still out of alignment and you are negatively affecting your digestion and breathing… Not a good idea!

So, I hope this gives you some insight into how your posture affects your performance and that many muslces weaknesses are just symptoms of poor posture. We could also talk about your lung function, coordination, blood pressure, circulation, digestion, and many more. All of these areas are also directly affected by poor posture. So, if you want to recover from an injury or improve your current level of performance, your posture holds the key.

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