Apart from treatment, the most important thing you can do is change what you are sitting, standing and sleeping on. This will offset the stress of gravity on your frame and will help you over the course of the entire day.

Lets do another self-test so you can see what I mean. You’ll need a large book about a half an inch thick. You can get a buddy to take photos again.

Firstly, just stand, and do the slump test like you did previously (breathe in, breathe out, relax and let your body slouch) – take a photo. Now repeat with the book under both your heels. You will notice that you are standing straighter. Now repeat again with the book under the front of your feet. You will notice that you look worse and are off balance. Cool isn’t it?

So, now you can see that your foundation affects your posture. The same will be true of the shoes you wear, the chair you sit on or the bed you lie on. Your body is so sensitive that it can detect and will be affected by changes in height that are the thickness of a sheet of paper!

Remember the bones out of place that your body can’t fix? In the spine, they have all been pushed forwards, and your body cannot pull them straight back (because there are no muscles there). So, the worst thing is to push spinal bones forwards.

Apart from having an accident, a very common way this happens is to look down too much as gravity will pull bones forward. As you can imagine most people are doiing this a lot as part of their daily lives.
The best thing to do is to bring objects up to head or chest level. This includes phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, books, food, etc. 

Avoid anything pushing your head forwards too. This happens if you slouch in a seat, chair, sofa, bed, etc., with your head pressed back against the backrest or wall. Your car headrest has the potential to do the same as well. In fact an often overlooked injury in a car accident is the seat shoving your back and pushing bones forwards. 

This is probably the most important email you will get from me. So we will repeat; “Anything that pushes your spine forwards, creates problems your body cannot self-correct” and you will have an injury that stays with you until you get proper treatment. 

Next time, we will give you the sitting, standing and sleeping advice.

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