You are winding yourself up!

Today, we are going to get you to try a simple test to see the result of injuries to your own frame. 
You will need to take your top off for this one. Get a buddy to stand behind you and take one photo of you reaching down to the left and another to the right without bending forwards. That’s it! Now you can check out your photos.

Your spine is meant to move as a smooth arc, with every single bone involved in the movement. You will probably see that some parts of your spine move as a block. These are your injured areas (and they may not be where your pain is).  
This client is only able to use a small segment of her spine to bend to the right so she can’t go very far. The rest of her spine is locked solid because of decades of muscle spasm and scar tissue.  

The process of getting more injuries and losing mobility is called “winding up”. The more advanced this becomes, the more health problems you get. Remember that everything is attached to your frame. So if the frame becomes crooked and stiff, everything suffers.

When you get treated and we start to fix you, it’s called “unwinding”. With this process we get more of your body moving properly again, resulting in rapid pain relief, improved motion and many other benefits to your health and well-being.
From tomorrow we will start giving you some great advice to help reduce the stress your body is under. If your photos show that you are not moving well, and how this relates to your pain and other symptoms, please contact us. It is very likely that we could reverse your condition.