Advanced BioStructural Correction – This keeps you alive… but hurts!

Your skull and spine are like a coat of armour. Part of its job is to take the brunt of your knocks and scrapes in order to protect the delicate brain and spinal cord. Your body has a clever mechanism to self-correct injuries to the armour to help it last.  The mechanism is triggered when…

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Become a posture correction expert!

Ask any keen cyclist and they will tell you the frame is the most important part of the cycle. It gives the cycle strength and is what everything else is attached to. Any damage to the frame will have consequences to the cycle’s performance, especially if the frame gets bent or crooked. Your frame is…

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The overlooked factor in many injuries is…

What would you think if we told you, that by improving your posture, we can get many aches and pains to disappear? Are you impressed? Are you Sceptical? We can do this because your posture affects everything about you. Your posture is dictated by the shape of your skeleton (which we call your frame). So,…

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Why your body hurts

Having only two legs can be hard work sometimes. The reason is the same as why we produce tripods with three legs and desk with four legs. Two legs are not as stable but do allow you to be more mobile. The pay off is that we can walk, run, swim, climb, crawl, etc. However,…

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Does Chiropractic Work?

Does Chiropractic Work

Does chiropractic work? Yes, it does, when the correct method is used. This is true for other professions such as physiotherapists, sports therapists and osteopaths too, as anyone can learn the Advanced BioStructural Correction method.

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