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 ABC Chiropractic New Patient Intake Process

Free Consultation - no charge

This is provided by telephone

Your chance to tell us about the difficulties you have been having

We ask simple questions to get to the root of your problem

Then explain your issue in easy to follow language

We can also give you an idea of how long it takes to reach your goal

Physical Assessment - £99

Comprehensive health and lifestyle history

We test your posture, body structure, bio-mechanics, movement, balance, strength, breathing and more

Experience your first treatment on the same visit

99% of clients notice immediate improvements

A verbal report on the cause of your problem along with the timescale and cost for recovery

Recovery Plan

As part of your physical assessment, you will be given a personalised recovery plan

We take into account the severity of your condition, your age, work, hobbies and lifestyle

Detailed advice to help you recover quickly and stay well

ABC Treatment - £45 each

EndoNasal Cranial Correction included

All lifestyle advice included (footwear, sitting, beds, pillows, work, exercise, hobbies)

Regular progress measurement included

ABC Treatment - Packages available

PAYG Treatment – £45

Two Treatments – £80

Eight Treatments – £280

Twenty Four Treatments – £720

Posture Products

ABC Seat Wedges – £30

ABC Adjustable Pillows – £75



I had lower back and groin pain caused by an accident 17 years ago. I’d been having steroid injections and denervation for 10 years. All failed to take away my pain.

When I started ABC treatment I was on 20mcg morphine patches. Within 1 month I started to reduce them and within 5 months I was completely morphine free and using mild pain relief. I even have days where I don’t use it at all.

My life has changed completely. My relationships have become better due to my better moods and I’m back at the gym which I’ve not seen in 2 years.



I’d had long-running issues with foot pain. The first time I found my foot pain was severe was right after some weight exercises in the gym.

Upright identified what the foot pain was and also found that I had a related scoliosis.

I now feel much more confident and comfortable in my body. I can go to the gym and exercise regularly. I can climb stairs without pain.

On the whole I would say that you have changed my life.



I was crippled with a stiff and painful body unable to carry out any chores, right from day one I felt a difference.

I’m walking so much now and not in much pain… had I heard about this earlier it would have beengodsend.

I have been in and out of hospitals all my life but now the only medication I’m on is my diabetes tablets…

Well, here I am after 6 months, living proof that this treatment has saved my life.

I recommend it hands down.



I suffered from pain in my lower back and shoulder for many years. I put it down to age and general ‘wear and tear’. I compensated by distorting my posture and the way I walked and stood to ease the discomfort.

I was seen and assessed by Niamh McIvor, whose knowledge and professionalism was second to none. She put me at my ease and explained in depth my issue and the interventions that would be used to rectify it.

The improvements have been steady and definite. I have also learned lifelong lessons about pain radiation and my posture and would strongly recommend them to anyone putting up with body pain. 

Better Health Is Our Mission

99% success rate in symptom relief

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