COVID-19  Statement

TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3, TIER 4 and National Lockdowns

Are we open?

Chiropractors are classed as "essential workers".

So far during this time and until further notice we will remain open while taking the necessary precautions.

We’re classed as essential workers which means you’ll still have access to our chiropractic services.

General Chiropractic Council Statement

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) has consistently stated that for patients in need of care a registered chiropractor must have regard to the code of conduct, and must:

  • put patients’ health first, respect them and ensure that you promote their health and welfare at all times (Principle A)
  • prioritise patients’ health and welfare at all times when carrying out assessments, making referrals or providing or arranging care (A5)
  • treat patients in a hygienic and safe environment (A6)

The activities carried out by the GCC are unaffected by these recent developments.

You can read more here.