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  • What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue related to the median nerve and usually results in numbness, tingling, pins and needles, and weakness of the hand.

  • What is the median nerve?
Henry Vandyke Carter and one more author – Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body Bartleby.comGray’s Anatomy,Plate 816
  • What is the carpal tunnel?

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in your wrist through which muscles tendons and the median nerve pass.

It is commonly thought that the median nerve is being pinched within the tunnel due to repetitive movement or awkward wrist positioning.

  • What is the usual way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

The traditional treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is to perform daily stretches and wear a wrist splint at night. This often does not help and the next stage is sometimes surgery.

  • How do we treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

We have found that the median nerve is actually not being pinched in the tunnel. What we find is that the nerve is being stretched along its entire length due to poor posture. The other end of the median nerve starts inside the spinal cord. So if the spine has become crooked, the whole nerve can become stretched to the point that it malfunctions. By correcting your posture using Advanced BioStructural Correction, we can quickly relieve the excess tension on the median nerve.

  • Who gets carpal tunnel syndrome?

Specifically, we find the person will have a very forward head posture, a hump at the base of the neck, flattening of the spine between the shoulder blades and, they often also have poor breathing.

A typical client before and after a few treatments
  • How quickly does carpal tunnel treatment work?

We have found that every client treated for this condition reports improvement from the first treatment and symptoms are mostly resolved with only a few treatments. This is because the nerve quickly recovers its function once the tension is released.

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  • What causes neck pain?

Neck pain usually occurs as a result of misalignments in the skeleton leading to your body falling forwards (especially your head). This results in the muscles of the neck having to hold up the weight of your head, and joints becoming aggravated, leading to pain.

An example of how neck pain can occur

In the spine, the bones get stuck forward leading to a sequence of compensating. This occurs automatically but ends up with one or more areas in your body overworking and painful.

  • What can I do to help neck pain?

You may find yourself needing to massage, press and kneed the muscles at the top of your neck and either side of the neck base. You may also find yourself needing to stretch and “crack” your neck to relieve the stress.

Lying down often helps as your muscles and joints get a rest. You may also find that standing or sitting still makes the pain worse, as this makes the tension build up in one area.

Whatever you do to help the situation, you will have found that it only gives temporary relief since the underlying issue remains unresolved (the bones out of place). This is also why physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and other therapies often do not permanently resolve the problem – They are not correcting the misaligned bones.

  • Does strengthening improve neck pain?

Strengthening the muscles can help to relieve the pain and ache since strong muscles can cope with the load better. But strengthening does not lead to a permanent fix because no matter how strong you get, anatomically, there are no muscles that can pull the offending bone back into the correct position.

  • What happens if neck pain is not treated?

If left untreated, this type of neck pain can lead to disc herniations, osteoarthritis, neck hypermobility, headaches, shoulder problems, breathing and swallowing issues, changes to your voice and lower back pain.

  • What is the best treatment for neck pain?

Precise realignment of the skeleton is the aim of the treatment we provide. With Advanced BioStructural Correction, we can return the alignment of your bones back to normal through a process of specific, manual corrections of your bones. This is how to reverse the condition and return someone to normal again instead of temporary symptom relief.

This results in immediate improvements to your posture and reduces the muscle and joint tension, rapidly giving neck pain relief.

Here is Ray’s story of pain relief

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Having only two legs can be hard work sometimes. The reason is the same as why we produce tripods with three legs and desk with four legs. Two legs are not as stable but do allow you to be more mobile.

The pay off is that we can walk, run, swim, climb, crawl, etc. However, that is not a problem if you have an ideal posture as that means you don’t have to work at all to stay upright.  That is correct, there should be zero effort used to stand as the ideal human skeleton is perfectly balanced.

Perfectly balanced

The trouble is, over the course of our lives, as we use our bodies, our posture worsens and our bodies begin to fall forward. This is because bones can go out of place in directions that they cannot self-correct. When this happens, our skeleton becomes crooked and off-balance. This makes our “righting mechanism” kick in, which automatically uses our muscles to keep us from falling over.

Since we fall forwards, the most balancing effort comes from muscles at the back of our neck, lower back, hamstrings, calves and under our feet. These are common areas of pain for many people as these muscles become over-worked, ache and develop knots (trigger points).

I have found that most common chronic pain, comes from muscles and joints working too hard, because of poor posture.

Most new injuries that “come out of the blue” are due to this stress building up over time and causing another bone to go out of place. The pain comes from the damage to the joint and the accompanying muscle spasm that tries to stabilize the area.

So, the cause of poor posture is; bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles that can pull in the correct direction to move the bone back to neutral. The bone becomes misaligned and gravity makes the body collapse at that point. The muscles then work to counter-balance and “right” the body so you don’t fall over, but this leads to compensating symptoms which include tightness, pain, aching, stiffness, joint noises, weakness and more.

Simplified bone going out of place

This near-constant physical stress is a drain on your resources, is tiring and causes potential damage to body systems since you are falling forwards onto your organs and compressing them. The longer this stress continues, the worse you get (even if the pain goes away temporarily). The key to resolving the issue properly, and not only helping eliminate your pain but also tackling the root of many other health problems, is your posture. 

We have found that posture devices/braces, exercises, stretching, massage, movement drills, etc all can change posture, but not correct posture. All these methods do is encourage you to arch yourself straighter rather than return your posture back to ideal.

When done properly, the righting mechanism is not needed and your muscles relax all by themselves – no stretches needed. Anyone using these methods for a length of time will know that to be true.

The feeling you get when you get proper correction is a lack of feeling – that is because your body is in neutral, the receptors in your body are also at rest. Therefore, you don’t feel anything. It’s an awesome and odd feeling – especially if you have been suffering from chronic pain and discomfort.

When you correct the bones that are out of place in a direction that the body cannot self-correct, your body will stay upright with no effort. This is true posture correction.

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What is Advanced BioStructural Correction

When a bone becomes out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct, the natural and usual response is for the body to begin to twist, torque and bend to compensate for the imbalance caused by the bone out of place.

This compensating behaviour results in the pulling on and stressing of the tissues and organs of the body such as the nervous system, muscles, joints, organs, and vascular system.

This ultimately leads to the production and presentation of symptoms in the body such as joint and muscle pain, poor posture, pins and needles/numbness, weakness, difficulty breathing, brain fog, osteoarthritis and more.

These compensations are not the site of the actual injury. The true origin is a bone or bones out of place in a direction that the body cannot self-correct.

​These compensations are what everyone else in the medical and non-medical profession focus on in their treatment and not the true cause or origin.

Treating the bones out of place correctly is what sets Advanced BioStructural Correction ™ apart from every other physical treatment modality, and is what makes it so unique and effective when applied correctly.

Another unique aspect of the treatment is the releasing of scar tissue that builds up inside the spinal canal called “meningeal adhesions”. This is done with very specific stretches to the spine itself.

Treatment with Advanced BioStructural Correction ™ results in rapid symptom relief throughout the body and posture correction. The aim being, to not only to resolve the symptoms but to reverse the underlying condition and return your body back to normal.

Many conditions that are thought to have an unknown cause or thought to be age-related can be reversed by Advanced BioStructural Correction ™.

Advanced BioStructural Correction

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