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Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that you need to take action to prevent further damage. Most treatments focus on either the site of the pain or on your mind. We are more interested in tackling the cause of the pain to achieve proper pain relief.

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Pain is one of many symptoms you can experience.

Symptom (noun) means “a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not well.”

Sometimes, medical people rename the pain into Latin or Greek. E.g you may say that your knee is hot and swollen and then you may get told that you have “arthritis”.

Arthritis derives from the two Greek words “arthron” meaning joint and “itis” meaning inflammation.

This does not really help you find the cause of the problem.

Labels such as disorders, syndromes, inflammatory conditions, and such are usually collections of symptoms and they also do not always help you to understand the underlying cause.

Unless the symptom is immediately life-threatening, the underlying cause should be the priority.

Unfortunately, with many other forms of treatment, resolving the cause is not the aim, and instead, the symptoms become the focus. With these methods, even if pain relief is achieved, it does not necessarily mean that the underlying problem was solved.

Painkiller medication or antibiotics are common forms of symptom relief rather than a cure. When trying to find the cure, we need to keep asking the questions; “So, why is that?” or; “So what caused that to happen?”. Keep asking those questions until you get to the underlying cause.

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Headaches / Migraines

Neck pain

Chest pain

Lower back pain

Pelvic /Hip / Groin pain

Joint pain

Arthritic pain

TMJ pain

Ear ache

Trapped nerve / sciatica

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Trigger points

Pulled muscles

Joint locking / catching / noises



Poor balance


Lack of strength

Poor coordination

Brain fog

So how can you achieve proper pain relief?


There are many causes of pain, but when it comes to your body, if the injury is not something obvious like a cut or burn, and the pain is related to movement, the chances are that the underlying cause is related to the alignment of your skeleton.

Misalignments of the skeleton can often cause the above symptoms. You can either choose to focus on the symptom or on the misalignment that caused the symptoms. Often, correcting the misalignments will relieve several associated symptoms simultaneously. Correcting skeletal misalignments is a exact science and from our experience we have found that only Advanced BioStructural Correction can achieve this and provide the associated pain relief.

Click the button further down the page to see a more detailed explanation of the underlying cause and how Advanced BioStructural Correction can help to resolve it.


Pain relief best chiropractor in birmingham alternative

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