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Physical pain is like a close friend that is brutally honest with us - we might not like what they have to say, but the information is most definitely for our benefit!

To ignore the "message" is to invite more problems further down the line, so the best thing to do is listen to your body's "message".

Unfortunately, in our modern-day environment we're taught that pain is our enemy, not our friend.

So you may use various means to help to silence our "friend" to carry on with your daily lives.

Well, what else can you do right?

We know that that if you've been experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s a sign that your body has an injury or some damage that it cannot self-heal fully.

And as time passes by the original injury forces your body to compensate creating more stress and damage.

So, the key message is; always tackle the underlying problem. Because when you do this; your symptoms improve.

At Upright we use a special pain reduction protocol that will reduce your pain levels from your very first visit by getting to the root cause of your problem - get in touch to find out how.

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