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Your posture affects every aspect of your health. Thankfully, there is a method of posture correction that can reverse the build of up skeletal misalignments that cause poor posture and the associated problems they can cause.

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Neck Hump

Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture Correction. Chiropractic treatment, Back pain relief.


Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture Correction. Chiropractic treatment, Back pain relief. slouching posture correction


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Chest Deformities

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Flat Feet / High Arches / Bunions

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Forward Head / Text Neck

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Straight Back and Sway Back

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Poor Balance and Leaning Posture

Posture Correction Birmingham





Posture correction is something we are passionate about and have spent a fortune (in time and money) to study what effects our posture and how to improve it. Our worldwide practitioner network has investigated chiropractic and osteopathic methods, physiotherapy methods, sports massage, rehabilitation exercises, stretching, yoga, Pilates, Alexander technique, surgery and many others.

We have also tested posture braces, orthotics, chairs, shoes, pillows, mattresses, balance training; you name it, we have tested it. All in the name of posture correction.

We can definitively tell you that none of them truly correct your posture!

We will repeat that none of the above are able to truly correct posture.

This blew our mind when we first found this to be that case because we have all been lead to believe that this is the way to do it. Everyone is teaching you that stretching, exercise, posture supports/aids and a strong core are the keys to a great posture.


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We were prescribing these types of treatment and doing it ourselves in the past but since learning Advanced BioStructural Correction we have realized that there is a key principle missing from these other forms of posture correction.

The bottom line is that your muscles are not the main reason for poor posture. Allow us to explain…

The real reason posture breaks down is that the bones that make up your skeleton can get stuck out of alignment. This happens either due to injury or just with daily use. Our muscles cannot always pull the offending bone back into alignment so the body collapses at that point.

Our bodies are tall and narrow, and to stay balanced, you need proper alignment of the skeleton. Without proper alignment our bodies collapse and fall over easily. Most people notice this as slouching. Once you are collapsing, your muscles (in response) then engage in whichever manner needed to stop you falling over.

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So, the muscles are only stopping you from losing balance, they are not the cause. Therefore, working on the muscles helps you cope but does nothing to correct the underlying problem (the bone misalignment).

Our bodies are self-balancing but not self-correcting. This why most posture correction methods do not work.

Advanced BioStructural Correction can identify the bones that are out of place and correct them in order to give immediate improvements to posture and over time return your body to normal again.

Get in touch to find out how we could help you with posture correction in Birmingham including scoliosis treatment.

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There is only one method that we have found that can detect and realign the bones that are out of place and that is Advanced BioStructural Correction. All the other adjusting/manipulation methods we have investigated make your posture worse!

That is why you get taught to hold your posture and train your core – because they never fixed the alignment properly.

With our posture correction, your body stays upright all by itself – no effort needed. Unbelievable right? When we surveyed our clients, we found that 99% noticed an immediate improvement in their posture after just one treatment. To fully correct your posture, we need time (like braces for your teeth). Our posture usually has been worsening over the course of many years so to return it to normal is not an overnight task. However, with enough time almost everyone will see and feel drastic improvements to their posture.

Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective treatments, all the while your body gets worse. 100% of our clients get posture improvement and we have thousands of photographs to prove it.

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We have also found improvements to scoliosis, leg length, uneven shoulders, tilted head, lack of symmetry, flat feet, forward head, pelvic tilt and more.

Our aim is to get your body structure and alignment to improve, as it gets better, you will notice many other positive changes as your body leans forward less and untwists. Better breathing, less stress, better sleep, better balance, and more mobility.

Your joints will also be under less stress and we have found x-ray and MRI evidence of the discs in our client’s spines normalizing, osteoarthritis healing, and calcified tendons returning to normal.

You cannot achieve this with exercises. In fact, many exercises and stretches make your posture worse. Some of the worst postures we see in those that have spent years doing these types of exercises including yoga.

We do promote general strength exercises though as this helps your body function and strength is a major positive indicator for longevity.

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When the shape of your skeleton (including the facial bones) changes away from the ideal, it finds it harder to cope with day to day stresses.

For instance, those of you that have “text neck” will have a lot of stress around the neck and shoulder area as gravity pulls on your head and your muscles must work harder.

This sort of situation can occur all over your body, making you expend lots of energy and putting strain on your organs.

True posture correction should also correct the facial bones too. This is why we include a treatment to correct the facial bones too and is especially useful in whiplash and head injuries.

Unfortunately, our modern sedentary lifestyle can make matters worse, which is why maintaining good posture is so important for your immediate and long-term health.

But you cannot correct your posture yourself. Our bodies are not made that way. Fortunately, with the right technique you can achieve posture correction.

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If you are experiencing problems that you may feel are related to your posture, and you would like posture correction, your first port of call should be a comprehensive postural analysis with us.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

*Everyone has a unique body so it takes different amounts of time to correct posture depending on age, injury severity, stiffness, lifestyle, etc. However, we get changes from the first treatment.

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