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Postural Realignment

When the shape of your spine changes away from the ideal, it finds it harder to cope with day to day stresses.

For instance, those of you that have "text neck" will have a lot of stress around the neck and shoulder area as gravity pulls on your head and and your muscles have to work harder.

This sort of situation can occur all over your body, making you expend lots of energy and putting strain on your muscles.

Unfortunately our modern sedentary lifestyle can make matters worse, which is why maintaining good posture is so important.

If you are experiencing problems that you may feel are related to your posture, your first port of call should be a comprehensive postural analysis which is an integral part of the Upright Posture Correction Clinic's Initial Assessment.

I offer a free telephone consultation to see whether my service is right for you, before you spend your time and money.

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