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We absolutely love treating expecting mothers, babies, children and teenagers as nothing can beat the enjoyment of seeing them return to health and flourish!

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Pregnancy back pain is often due to poor posture which causes extra stress during the growth of your baby.

We can immediately begin relieving that stress and helping you and your baby be more comfortable during pregnancy. Our expecting mothers also find the labour and birth process much easier too.

Other benefits of treatment include improved breathing and circulation, and more room for the baby to grow in the abdomen. 

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Babies can easily suffer from misalignments to the skeleton (especially in the head and spine). This can happen whilst in the womb, during birth, from car seats and prams, and from knocks and tumbles. Premature births and assisted births commonly cause these issues too.

The result can be pain, discomfort, reflux, irritability, failure to thrive, developmental delay, weakness, poor muscle tone, and more. In more severe cases misalignments are a contributor to cerebral palsy for which we see great improvements with treatment.

Our natural method aims to resolve these misalignments with gentle corrections to immediately improve your baby’s physical health.

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We are noticing that more and more children are suffering from issues related to injuries and poor posture. There are many factors including iPad and phone use, technology, lack of exercise, gaming, sports injuries, and more.

Thankfully, most children respond very quickly to treatment and are back to health in no time allowing them to continue doing the things they love doing and helping them have the best start in life.


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Many teenagers suffer from aches and pains as they go through puberty. Often these issues are related to poor posture and alignment.

They also find themselves sitting and studying more than they used to and laptop use now also plays a significant role in these stresses.

Simple advice helps to minimise these issues and regular ABC treatment helps them build a strong foundation for adult health.

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