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Advanced BioStructural Correction is a state of the art anti-inflammatory, athletic performance, injury resolution, injury prevention and biomechanical optimisation process to help you attain maximum sports performance.


We help bodybuilders, powerlifters, track and field athletes, runners, dancers, gymnasts, footballers, boxers, cricketers and many others recover from chronic injuries, and physically excel with ease, and recover faster so they can outperform the competition.


Almost all athletes are working around an injured body part  from an sports injury when training / competing.

Unlike others, that are offering management of the injured area, we work closely with you to provide injury elimination so that you can give 100% to your performance. We also, help with sports injury prevention and immediate sports injury relief in the unfortunate event that something unpredictable happens to you.

Imagine what you could do without that back pain, disc herniation, joint pain, rotator cuff tear, or muscle strain.

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 We help you get back to playing sports and competing in a way that other forms of intervention miss as most sporting injuries are the result of pre-existing misalignments that cause excessive stress on your joint and soft tissues or, impact/trauma which cause further misalignments.  

We help speed up the healing process for minor sports injuries (such as stress fractures of the metatarsals) and also major sports injuries (such as ligament tears) by reducing the pressure and stress in your bones, ligaments and muscles through improved alignment. So you will recover and heal faster, reduce downtime and get back to competing quickly. You will feel the difference in how you feel, move and perform from the very first treatment. We will also teach you which other activities you are currently doing are actually not working for you and causing further problems – this is a major point to resolve or you will be capping your peak performance.


Misalignments to the skeleton cause your body to collapse under gravity and fall forwards. You will then automatically compensate using your muscles to keep upright. This means certain muscles become over-active and others “switch off”. This results in the common muscle dysfunctional patterns you may have heard of including upper/lower crossed syndrome, poor scapular control, shoulder dyskinesis, and others.

Sports injury treatment and sports performance and athleticism birmingham 3

Commonly, the overactive muscles are part of the posterior chain (the back of your neck, across the shoulders, spinal extensors, latissimus dorsi, hamstrings, and the calf muscles. The hip flexors also tend to overwork in order to stabilise the lumbopelvic area.

Since muscles connect two or more bones and often have more than one action or purpose, by trying to stabilise your posture they can affect and cause problems in other parts of your body. For instance, we find that difficulty lifting your arm above 90 degrees is mostly a latissimus dorsi over engagement due to misalignments of the lumbar spine. By contracting to stabilise the lumbar spine the latissimus muscle also causes dysfunction in the shoulder (since it is a pulling and shoulder extension muscle)

Over time, the muscles not only are over active but become shortened and adhesions can form in the fascia of the tissue resulting in stiffness and an inability to relax the muscle resulting in chronic dysfunction and a need for constant “soft tissue work”. 

Stretching, massage and strengthening these muscles can help reduce the stress they are under but they will never properly relax unless the skeleton is returned back to alignment. Muscles that commonly become weak, underactive and atrophied are the deep neck flexors, abdominals and gluteal muscles. Improving your alignment returns tone and strength to these muscles in a way that rehabilitation exercises never can. 

When your skeleton is misaligned, the muscles attached to them also can lose mechanical leverage so more strength is required to perform the same work. i.e you feel weak even though there is plenty of muscle present.

Poor alignment can also stretch the motor nerves that carry the signals to the muscles. Nerve tension prevents the full flow of electrical potentials to the muscle, further causing weakness.

Advanced BioStructural Correction addresses all of these aspects of strengthening in all parts of the body and affected areas to help your strength and conditioning reach new highs.


Poor running gait is often the result of poor skeletal alignment which also often leads to:

Inefficient movement / poor performance

Leg length differences / pelvic misalignment

Foot / ankle / knee / hip pain

Over / under pronation

Shin splints / Achilles tendonitis / rupture


Poor cardiovascular function

Sports injury treatment and sports performance and athleticism sports chiropractor birmingham 3

We improve your walking and running gait without orthotics or special insoles and can help you transition to barefoot running style. Most normal running shoes are too tight and cause all manner of problems for your feet, ankles, knees and elsewhere. Our aim is to help you feel like you are running on air.

We can help you improve at any level of running.


Many people can perform their sport but then have to suffer from the consequences and need longer to recover before they can perform again.

If you find yourself in pain, feeling stiff, needing to rest or avoid movement after participating in sport or exercise it is likely that your body is under abnormal stress which causes excessive damage upon exercise. This excessive stress means that the normal healing process cannot help you recover fast enough in time. This then sets up a cycle of chronic inflammation and puts you at risk of a major injury.  

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We help you to have minimal after effects from training, exercise and competing so you can participate more often and feel well and energised between workouts / performing. All this from proper biomechanical alignment which greatly reduces the stress on the bones, joints and soft tissues. We are not a multi-disciplinary clinic as we find that focusing all our attention on your biomechanical health helps us to give the best results.

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