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Lucky Gidda


Having previously been a chiropractor and an aerospace engineer, I  have a unique insight into “body structure” and how it can cause many of the problems you may be suffering with.

My own body was in a very poor state from a theme park accident where I suffered a tremendous whiplash and then years of competitive kickboxing and karate. During my mid to late teens I started to suffer with breathing issues and brain fog but I did not know what it was at the time. As the years past, this would progress into insomnia, bouts of paralyzing back pain and eventually pain all around my body and face.

During my early twenties I found that weight lifting and improving my strength helped reduce my symptoms and I had less pain and better concentration. After a few years of benefit, the pain came back.

I then found that chiropractic treatment and very vigorous massage were the only treatments that helped. I was so impressed that I completed a masters degree in chiropractic to learn how to do the treatment for others too. After I had been working as a chiropractor for several years I became disillusioned again as I realised that my body was still deteriorating despite all the treatment I was doing.

I was spending hours every week doing self massaging, foam rolling, stretching, yoga, strength, conditioning and rehabilitation exercises. My bouts of intense pain were getting more frequent and I was starting to worry that I could not do my job. I was approaching a condition called fibromyalgia and my chest had also become an irregular shape, giving me palpitations and affecting my breathing even more than before. My arms would ache and I was getting more pain around my neck and jaw. Now my hearing was also worsening and my concentration became even worse. I started exercising even harder which helped but made the bouts of lower back pain increase.

In my desperation, I tried many different techniques and methods to get myself better, including diversified, Gonstead, SOT, McTimoney, kinesiology, Graston, dry needling, taping, ART, Trigenics, use of orthotics and lots of others.

During my research I came across a method called Advanced BioStructural Correction  (ABC). The aim with this method is to correct the positions of the bones in your body back to their normal alignment. I still remember my very first treatment during a seminar in 2015. It was the first treatment that gave an improvement to my brain fog for over a decade. It was like someone turned the dimmer switch up on my vision and hearing. I will never forget it! That night was the best nights sleep I had for 20 years! Over time, so many other symptoms that I didn't know were related to my posture also started to improve.

ABC was able to explain the relationship between all of my symptoms in a way that nothing else ever had and all have improved.

As a result of what I learned and due to what I see as a gigantic gulf between the effectiveness and scope of Advanced BioStructural Correction compared to other methods and practitioners, I decided to leave the chiropractic profession and focus on becoming one of the world's leading biomechanics, posture correction and body structure specialists.

At our clinic, we achieve almost 100% success rate of symptom improvement, right from the first treatment just like me. This method is incredibly powerful and my wish is to help as many people recover form their problems as possible. I know first hand how disabling and de-motivating one can become when you have chronic problems that no one seems to be able understand or help with. Our clients have often seen multiple specialists and consultants over many years with no resolution and are beginning to lose hope. I have found that we can almost always get improvement and more often than not, we can achieve complete relief. Get in touch today and see what we could do for you too.


Registered Advanced BioStructural Correction Practitioner™
Registered EndoNasal Cranial Correction™
Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

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