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Lucky Gidda


Having previously trained as a chiropractor and an aerospace engineer, I  have a unique insight into “body structure” and how it can cause many of the problems you may be suffering with.

My own body was in a very poor state from a theme park accident when I was young and years of competitive kickboxing and karate. During my mid to late teens I started to suffer with brain fog but I did not know what it was at the time. As the years past, this would progress into pain all over my body and bouts of paralysing back pain.

I found that chiropractic treatment was the only thing that helped and I retrained to learn how to do the treatment myself. After I had been working as a chiropractor for several years I became disillusioned as I realised that my body was still deteriorating despite all the treatment I was doing. I was spending hours every week doing self massaging, foam rolling, stretching, yoga, and rehabilitation exercises. My bouts of intense pain were getting more frequent and I was starting to worry that I could not do my job. I was approaching a condition called fibromyalgia and my chest had also become an irregular shape, affecting my heart and breathing.

In my desperation, I tried many techniques to get myself better, including diversified, Gonstead, SOT, McTimoney, kinesiology, Graston, dry needling, taping, ART, and lots of others.

During my research I came across a method called Advanced BioStructural Correction  (ABC). I still remember my very first treatment when I had immediate improvement in my brain fog. It was like someone turned the dimmer switch up on my vision and hearing! So many other symptoms that I didn't know were related to my posture also started to improve.

ABC was able to explain the relationship between my pain and the brain fog, I also used to get palpitations, abdominal pain and I was hypermobile. All were linked and all are virtually gone now. I was also able to use this method to do the same for my mum who has suffered greatly for over 30 years with pain and arthritis.

As a result of what I learned and due to what I see as a gigantic gulf between the effectiveness and scope of ABC compared other methods and practitioners, I decided to leave the chiropractic profession and have not looked back since!

Certified Level 3 ABC Practitioner - Endonasal Cranial Correction Provider

Zahid Zaman


My story is a personal one that leads me to this field of work. I initially started as an competitive amateur athlete in various sports I was very energetic back then! After enjoying a solid four-year stretch as an athlete I abruptly stopped following an accident resulting in a back injury and recurrent knee problems.

I went through many month’s worth of physiotherapy work at a time, undertook treatment from a chiropractor, sought alternative therapies and was referred from one medical doctor to another, but nothing was working and no one seemed to know why my symptoms weren’t improving.

I was unfortunate again to be involved in another car accident and a few more over the coming years. I sat with healthcare practitioners who talked me through my options. As a result of suffering years of pain, at my own neglect of my body, and exasperating symptoms, I needed to keep trying many different treatments. However, my lower back became rigid and tough. I couldn’t bend or be as flexible as I once was and this took its toll. I was exhausted, my normal day-to-day activities would take 3x as long to do, and I wasn’t going anywhere fast.

I spent the next few years figuring out was wrong with me; how could I get into this position. I spent months pouring over research, journals, talking to doctors and finding out the missing link. The day that came was a relief for I had finally found the link to my pain. It was my posture.

Incorrect posture was the root cause of most of the pain I had suffered and rehabilitation exercises and stretches were not helping me. I found a method called Advanced Biostructural Correction ™ and from the outset this changed the way I felt and how relaxed my body became in a few short treatments.

I was so impressed by the amazing changes to my health that I left my job and worked hard to I qualify as a registered practitioner - a rigorous process learning all I could about the root cause of most pain and it's relationship with posture. I now have less pain and have been the happiest I’ve been in many years, being able to help others also become pain free.

Certified Level 2 ABC Practitioner - Endonasal Cranial Correction Provider


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